One of the best items to ever be invented is the bath bomb. As a way to upgrade your evening routine, bath bombs are fantastic after a long tiring day. In addition to the wide array of products already designed to make baths relaxing, bath bombs have changed the game.

These days, there are bath bombs for all purposes. Relaxation? A lavender oil-infused bath bomb might do the trick. Need some energy? Maybe a bath bomb that contains peppermint and vitamins. Body pains? Why not a CBD-infused bath bomb for a fully soothing experience?

What are CBD Bath Bombs?

Bath bombs are made from a mixture of Epsom salts, baking soda, citric acid, essential oils, and a small amount of colouring. It can, however, be infused with CBD to boost the level of relaxation.

While CBD is more readily absorbed when ingested, cannabinoid receptors in the skin can still be activated, producing that light feeling associated with this cannabis chemical. The beauty of this is that very little is expected to enter your bloodstream, staying at the level of the skin to relieve inflammation. As seen in a few studies, CBD has shown to have therapeutic effects against inflammation. It also has quite a few antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

Used in hot water that opens the pores, you can even improve the effectiveness of your CBD bath bomb.

How effective are they?

The formulation of a CBD bath bomb is not as simple as mixing some oil into the mix. That makes the selection of the right brand a paramount concern. Many companies market CBD bath bombs, but when these products are tested, they might show little to no traces of the cannabinoid.

As such, it is important that the source can provide Certificates of Analysis to show that the bath bomb actually has what it says it does, and therefore does what it purports to do. After all, if you wanted a regular bath bomb for your next bath, you would have bought a regular bath bomb.

Other benefits of CBD

Though the stigma against cannabis still persists to this day, more and more studies are breaking this negative reputation. Not only is CBD rich with anecdotal evidence regarding its therapeutic, but pharmaceutical research has also produced a CBD-based medicine that serves to reduce the severity of seizures in people with epilepsy.

Although CBD oil is already growing in popularity, the many possible medical benefits that scientists believe it possesses are set to create a boom in the industry. It is already in use for pain relief, treatment of depression and anxiety, and so on. What more when the studies prove that these effects are based on science?

Final thoughts

People have long debated whether or not CBD hemp oil is good for you, but science is now showing that when properly formulated, CBD hemp oil can be beneficial to the human body. Whether it is consumed through a topical application like CBD bath bombs or consumed orally, it is definitely something that is worth trying.

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