This is by no means a final edit and as we try new things we will add if we like it but so far the places that we go, and we know locals go are the following collection of places. Like the seasons the quality of places can come and go but what we are recommending are what we believe to be the most consistent, high quality and authentic eateries in the great Cornish Capital, Truro.  The purpose of this blog is to help locals not in the know and tourists and holiday makers who come to Cornwall and don't know what's what - so if you come to Truro for shopping, work or whatever reason, eating from any of the places below are going to provide service, tasty food and reasonable prices. As mentioned above we will be adding places all the time - so keep checking back for the latest in Eating out news for Truro in Cornwall, the UK. 


Chantek A Thai & Southeast Asian Restaurant 

Location - 15 New Bridge Street
Truro, Cornwall

We were lucky enough to try Chantek in May 2018 - and the experience which I will go into more detail below can be summarized as being one of Authenticity. Cornwall and Truro do not lack for Asian food, and they are on the whole very good but I would class the majority of them as the fast food takeaway variety made for the traditional UK consumer.  Those that have been lucky enough to Travel will probably know what I mean when I say food here is not the same as food there and while there is a place for both styles, Chantek is very much an authentic and endearing Asian restaurant in Truro Cornwall. Upon entry into the property, you do get a sense of being in Asia as you walk through to the entrance at the back of the outdoor seating its hard to describe but you will see what I mean and I felt this was a nice touch as you clearly are not in Asia with the weather sometimes but.... I felt this led on to the dining experience nicely. We came for a late lunch and arrived after 2pm.

Chantek Truro - Asian Food Cornwall

Once through the doors you are greeted by an open kitchen which as we all know is a great bit of a spectacle for the diners and helps build trust that these guys know what they are doing and are not afraid to show you. So into the dining room and again the decor and the atmosphere is consistent with the expectation but I have to say I am a big fan of the lampshades which are awesome. Anyway on to the food and drinks - which had some really nice options including exotic juices.

Chantek Asian Fusion Food Cornwall Truro Eat out guide

The menu reads well and has a good variety of dishes which will satisfy vegetarians and vegans but in a Thai Joint, lets not kid ourselves, I was there for the Chicken Satay which did not disappoint. Served with Satay sauce and some pickled veg salad. I will be returning for this dish alone and I recommend you try it. But it was not a one hit wonder, and we actually enjoyed all of our meal and time there including the dessert which often gets bypassed at Asian restaurants but the food was light enough to still have room for it which says a lot.  So alongside the Chicken Satay we had Stir Fried Morning Glory, Tofu Green Curry and a Dim sum style dish that comes in lovely steamer and this was served with Black rice which is a pleasant change from the traditional jasmine rice  - all the dishes are very different from what you would get from just any take out or Asian eatery in Cornwall - This is traditional cooking with flare, We will return and my partner and my young son also enjoyed it and Chantek is Child friendly which is great for families looking for a relaxed lunch / dinner in a non formal environment.  They have also opened an Asian Tapas & Cocktail bar in the upstairs section away from the main dining room and this will be very popular for those trendy people looking to drink eat and dance the night away. 

So in conclusion - Chantek was a lovely experience, and we will be coming back, the costs were not excessive and a meal for two with a nice variety of dishes will come to about 25 pounds - 40 depending on if you have alcohol and there is enough good choice on the menu to be kept happy each time you go and try new things - don't get me wrong the Green curry was awesome and vegan might I add and so is the Massaman but when you go - mix it up and try something new, you will not be disappointed and this is what I judge places on, be them expensive or not, do I feel like i have been ripped off - and the answer is no - I felt happy and relaxed from start to finish and I will be going back - and finally the staff were a delight from the waiter to the chefs everyone was polite and nothing was too much trouble. Want Asian food in Cornwall then you go to Chantek in Truro.