Smoking a joint can be quite the experience for plenty of people, especially when it's bigger than usual. However, those who attempt to make their very own king size joint find the process of rolling a bit of a hassle, especially when the joint comes out looking sloppy and not nearly as perfect as you had hoped.

While rolling may come easy to a lot of people, that doesn't always ring true for plenty of people. But luckily, regardless of your experience level, you can always benefit from being able to roll a better joint. If you're tired of seeing sloppy joints, then here are six tips you can use to help you roll a better joint every single time.

1) Prepare Components

The first thing you'll need to do when getting ready to roll your joint is to gather all of the necessary components. This will include the rolling paper and the cannabis, of course, but it also includes the filter and the roach. 

It's always important to have these components set aside in preparation for the rolling process, as it will make everything go much smoother if you have your hands free to roll the joint. Be sure to obtain good quality in your weed and other components.

2) Fold Your Creases

When you start rolling, you should fold your first creases. This will allow the rolling paper to be much more durable and get you to roll much straighter joints. If the paper is a bit floppy, the joint will be much less likely to roll straight. This can be avoided by folding the paper in half onto itself before you even begin the rolling process.

3) Pinch and Roll and Pinch

Don't forget to pinch the joint before you roll it. After you do so, roll, then pinch it again right after. This will help ensure your joint is nice and tight. If the joint is too loose, it can sometimes even fall apart. This technique keeps the weed in the very centre of the king-size joint so that you can take huge hits without any worry.

4) Seal the Joint Right

Sometimes, the key to successfully rolling a better joint is to make sure you seal it properly. This rule rings true even for bigger joints, and the most important part is to make sure that the seal is on the side. The seal should be nothing more than a very short line of tape. This will prevent the joint from falling apart and make it much stronger.

5) Avoid Wrapping Too Tight

When rolling a joint, you'll need to be careful that the paper isn't wrapped too tightly. This will make it impossible to smoke the joint. You can avoid this wrapping fail by using a lot of paper, provided you don't want to waste a lot of weed. The paper should be used only as a filler, not as a way to fix any issues with the joints.

6) Troubleshoot the Canoeing

If you have the bad habit of canoeing your joint, don't worry. It happens to everyone, even the most experienced joint rollers. However, you can save yourself from this sticky situation by simply making sure that the king-size joint you're making is well-packed and utilising as much weed as needed.


Rolling a king-size joint doesn't have to be a hassle, so long as you know the techniques that work best for you. Consider using these tips to help you roll a better joint, especially when it's of a bigger size than the typical joint.

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