Every consumable product has a shelf life. Sadly, a lot of these products don't really tell us when exactly they'll be bad for consumption. For example, a consumable product that sometimes has a questionable shelf life is milk. Milk can sometimes go bad before its actual “best before” date, and in some cases, perfectly fine a few days past the indicated date. Another example is coffee. Coffee beans can sit inside your shelf for weeks and even months, but they don't necessarily rot. This makes us think--can we control the lifespan of consumable products?

Aside from the two consumable products mentioned above, many people are also confused about the shelf life of CBD oil. Does it expire? Is it possible to preserve it? How can I tell if it's bad? These are a few concerns many CBD oil users have and we've created this article to help you figure out this puzzle. In this article, we've included everything you need to know about a CBD oil's lifespan.

When does CBD oil go bad?

Just like any product, CBD oil can lose its flavour, quality and potency over time. Ideally, you want to be able to consume yours in a year or two before it loses its strength completely. However, losing its potency doesn't necessarily mean your oil has gone bad.

Most CBD oils out in the market today contain alcohol, propylene glycol or glycerin as their base to give your CBD shape or texture. In general, these ingredients are more likely to degrade than CBD itself. Other ingredients found in CBD oil such as coconut oil can become rancid and would break down in 18 months. Meanwhile, some CBD infused with alcohol can keep for longer. With CBD vape oil, the product doesn't necessarily go bad to the point that it's not usable. These oils often lose their flavour, go stale and ingredients like sweeteners can clog coils as they thicken with age.

Since most CBD oil products in the market go through better extraction methods, there is almost no plant matter left in these oils. Therefore, degradation caused by decaying plant matter isn't an issue.

Ideally, you'll consume your CBD oil way before it gets terrible so you won't be putting your body in any harm. However, if you are careless about handling your CBD oil and storing them incorrectly, these may cause it to deteriorate faster. Be cautious by checking the expiry date, mind its potency and take note of its flavour to know if it's still acceptable to consume.

How can I extend the life of my CBD oil?

The best way to extend the life of your CBD oil is by using proper storage practices. When you follow good storage practices, you keep your oil away from heat, light and air. These elements degrade the carrier base and the cannabidiol found in CBD products.

To do this, make sure your CBD oil is in a cool and dark place, like a pantry or cupboard. Additionally, you want to make sure it's away from direct sunlight. For air not to enter its container, make sure you tightly close its lid after use. Also, avoid putting your CBD oil in the refrigerator. The cold temperature affects the chemical compounds found in your oil and can hasten its degradation.

Leaving your oil on a table with direct sunlight, on a surface close to the stove or even inside your car will ultimately quicken its ageing process.


Fortunately, with CBD oil products, you'll be able to consume them in less than a year and you won't have to worry about them going bad. However, this may change if you don't properly store your oil and are careless about how you handle these products. Make sure you follow our storage tips and be cautious while consuming your CBD products to avoid any issues and health problems.

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