While many people might interchangeably use the terms "blunt" and "joint", the two aren't exactly the same. Sure, they both can mean some marijuana wrapped up in paper, but it is in the paper where the difference is found. A blunt utilises tobacco leaf paper rather than using a standard tree based rolling paper. This can change the smoking experience quite drastically, from burn time down to smell and even the effect.

So, are you interested in rolling a blunt? Here's how to do so:

Step 1. Gather What You Need

You're going to need some marijuana and a cutting tool. You can use scissors, a blade, or even your teeth. If you want to use rolling paper, you need to stock up on those. Keep in mind that there are many types and brands of tobacco leaf wraps, so be sure to experiment with a few to see what you like!

Step 2. Grind The Cannabis

This is a vital step. If you don't grind the weed up, it will burn way too quickly. The blunt wrap will make the mixture burn a lot faster than you're probably used to incense or smoking a joint.

You want to grind the smoking herbs until it becomes a even consistency, not too fine but not too big. It should look as if it was shredded with a cheese grater as it will break up more when you roll it.

The better you can grind it, the better it will smoke, and the more joy you'll get out of each puff.

Step 3. Load The Blunt

As you're loading the blunt, you'll want to fan the joint a bit to make sure the marijuana is evenly distributed. Basically, you want it to be nice and even throughout.

You should want the joint to be as full as possible. The more you can get in there, the less running around you need to do.

Step 4. Roll It Up

When you're ready to roll it, you'll need to stick one end of the blunt wrap over the cannabis and then roll it to the other end. Rolling blunts can be tricky for novices, but always use a quintessential roach tips to add structure and support and provide the best smoking experience possible. 

Fold it over, and you should have a half-inch thickness of cannabis inside.

Step 5. Use A Lighter

The final step is to use a lighter to light the end. The tobacco leaf paper tends to burn a bit quicker than rolling papers, so you'll want to be careful. If you're using a regular rolling paper, you should be good to go, but it won't be a blunt. 

Once you light it, you can take hits from the blunt and enjoy your smoking experience!


So there you have it! Now you know everything you need to know about rolling a blunt. When you're in the mood for something other than a traditional blunt, you can use more than just tobacco leaf paper. You can also get creative with rolling papers, as well. Some people will even use a banana leaf to wrap up their mixtures, although that is a lot more work than rolling paper. Of course, you can switch up the papers depending on your mood, ensuring that you get the perfect experience every time.

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