Skincare is something that is very important to us all. We all have or use something probably on a daily basis to smooth, plump up or just give skin a fresh feeling. And not just women, men have one of the biggest skincare product ranges these days and its not unusual to see a man moisturise. In fact keeping the skin feeling hydrated naturally these days is not an easy thing considering most products are mass produced using a mixture of different chemicals and additives that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth etc but are probably not that great for you to be absorbing via the skin. Yes there are more than a few natural versions of skincare products and cosmetics and many of them are of a very good quality but can they compare to how CBD makes your skin feel, we will have to see. Not only do the CBD skincare products make your skin

feel silky smooth and flawless they also can help high impact areas of the body relieving stress and tension from the outside in. Not all CBD products designed for topical use are meant to be used as a cosmetic product though, with several being made to deliver the high grade CBD compound direct into your body and to my mind come under CBD skin products but are used more for athletes and people who have hard going lifestyles that see joints and parts of the body being strenuously used in a high impact manner. These products are not beauty related but are a great alternative to anyone wishing to try CBD or Cannabidiol  through a non oral method of ingestion. Below are a few of the products we sell, both cosmetic and relief and all are organic and come with free UK delivery making it cost effective for you to try. Please do plenty of your own research before buying to ensure that taking CBD even topically on the skin is right for you. Before taking or using CBD skin products it may be best to consult with a GP or doctor. We at Quintessential Tips believe in Hemp and the power the plant possess, its one of the most beneficial plant crops on this planet and we are still learning even now of its uses and possibilities however we urge you before buying make sure you only buy certified organic as while hemp is king, many people who grow it will use pesticides and chemicals to enhance production, this is not what you want to be ingesting in anyway.


Cannawell CBD Skin Cream



Love Hemp CBD Body Salve