Through years of using cannabis, smokers become more aware of its health benefits, more knowledgeable of the different kinds of plants, and more discerning of its prices in the market. Thus, smokers from all around the world can get very particular about the cannabis products and the smoking tools they use! And no, we’re not talking about the different pipe styles or the best-looking lighters out there; we’re talking about sourcing organic rolling papers that are manufactured with natural materials.

In a growing market, there are many types of rolling papers made available to the public. As such, it’s essential to know their respective pros and cons to be able to make well-informed decisions. Now, we’ll briefly dissect the different types of rolling papers, and most importantly, explain the reasons for you to avoid using bleached rolling papers.

The Rolling Paper Industry

For a brief historical moment, the earliest rolling papers were made of naturally derived wood pulp. They come in different shades of brown, are thicker in feel, and often texturised, but yet they burn faster than the regular paper we see today. Over the generations, manufacturers have innovated improvements for the quality of wood pulp rolling paper. Included in this effort is adding rice and hemp in its structure early into the 19th century! However, not all innovations came from natural resources.

Up to this day, the all-natural wood pulp is still around despite the competing products of modern composition, stylish packaging designs, and broad marketing reach.

Bleached Vs. Unbleached

Now, should you go for bleached or unbleached rolling paper

Manufacturers have begun introducing chemicals into making their rolling papers to increase their burn time and remove its brown colour. For one, bleached rolling papers contain chlorine and calcium carbonate, as this allows them to be produced lighter, stronger, and finer. Hence, chemicals have been used to prolong your smoking experience. Unfortunately, many people are unaware that these contaminants are toxic to one’s health and the environment!

On the other hand, rolling papers produced with oxygen, ozone, and hydrogen peroxide are unbleached. They’re classified as unbleached because they are particularly not chlorine-inspired. Consequently, they don’t compromise your health and the environment yet are still able to improve a smoker’s experience without all the added chemicals.

It’s safe to say that you should avoid using bleached rolling papers, mainly because you must also prevent your body from contracting future illnesses and diseases. Products with chemicals, such as chlorine-bleached rolling papers, could pose serious health threats and severe environmental problems the public has yet to hear about. 


Legalised in certain states, smoking cannabis could be very beneficial to one’s health, be it physical or mental. They’re used for medical purposes to alleviate pain symptoms and nausea, but they are also smoked recreationally amongst adults to decrease depression and anxiety. 

However, these benefits won’t matter if you use the wrong smoking tools! As such, you must think ahead about what will indeed be good for you in the long run. Before making any decisions, do your research and be patient for academic studies that could give you more information about using the better rolling paper.

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