Filters, papers, oils, and bud. There are a lot of things that the average weed smoker will pick up over their smoking experience. And if you don’t want to waste time searching for extra wraps you know you just bought, it’s a good idea to put everything in one place.

Upgrade your smoking experience by putting all of your cannabis paraphernalia in one place. This way you won’t have to spend hours upending your bedroom looking for your favorite bud. Putting it all in a box makes it neat, organized, and portable. With some method to the madness, you’ll have everything easy at hand. 

What should you fill your stash box with, though? Here’s a list of quintessential items you’ll need to make sure your stash box has the complete 420 experience.

The Box

A big box or a little one, your choice depends on your needs. If you’re a seasoned smoker, you might even have both: one at home and one to take with you. Mint tins are a classic for portability, and Quintessential Tips offers stylish 2oz tins with art prints or intricate wooden engraved lids.

Papers And Wraps

Papers, please? No, not documents. Rolling papers! Any smoker worth their salt knows papers are a basic accessory to smoke your nugs in. Papers come in different lengths and can be pre-cut to make skinny joints. Quintessential Tips has paper packs such as OCB, Pure Hemp, Rizla, and many more.

For those more interested in longer smoking sessions, Quintessential Tips has you covered. We carry a wide range of blunt wraps coming in different styles and flavourings. Cigar blunts look classy and taste luxurious. Terpene and CBD blunt wraps will elevate even your most boring batch of cannabis to a different level. Most wraps available are pre-rolled, so half the work is done for you.


Filters protect your lungs by filtering out harmful substances from smoking a joint or a blunt. They also save your precious fingers from getting burnt as you approach the roach. Keep your lungs and fingertips safe by browsing our filter tip offerings from tried-and-trusted brands such as OCB, Zig Zag, and Rizla. We also have a range of own brand filters that come in many different sizes. You’re sure to find one that fits your rolling style!

Rolling Tray

These are useful for when you’re rolling on-the-go, outdoors where there isn’t a flat surface to roll on, or simply whenever you want a neater rolling experience. Try The Epic Wooden Rolling Tray from Quintessential Tips. It’ll store easily in your stash box and also fits in your pocket. 


Investing in oils will allow you to have more control over your smoking experience. Even a mediocre batch of cannabis can be elevated with the right combination of terpenes and CBD but you don't mix oil and flowers, you use them independently of each other However taking CBD oil will negate the unwanted effects of the THC. The down-side of being your own weed mixologist is that there’s so many CBD oil blends out there. Every manufacturer is coming up with their own mix. Luckily for you, Quintessential Tips is a one stop shop for CBD oils. This includes their own brand of CBD oil called Quintessential Everyday Golden Full Spectrum CBD Oil, which comes in three strengths.


You are ultimately in control over what goes into your stash box. Every smoker looks for a different experience, so the box should reflect that. These are just a few quick tips to get you started. 

Need to learn more about the best CBD products? Check out Quintessential Tips today! We offer the very best products from the world’s cannabis and hemp Industry.