The holiday season is fast approaching, and it’s also the best time for CBD enthusiasts like you to expand your cannabis-loving circle. You may have had your differences in the past, like when you talked to them about your first CBD edible and had different initial feelings about it. However, it’s time to look past that by gifting them a holiday-themed hamper with all your best gifts! 

This article will talk about the process of creating a gift hamper for your friends and family as a holiday gift. Take this as an opportunity to be more intentional with your gifting and also use this chance to give a pseudo-trojan horse—a gift masked to help you get what you want: a new CBD-loving mate! 

1. Think about your recipient 

The first step is to think about who will receive this special gift because you need to think about what they naturally like—the perfect way to get someone interested in CBD. For example, you may want to give this gift to your girlfriend. She may be a vegan, so you have to buy CBD products that are made for her, like these vegan, gluten-free gummies. 

The best way to ensure that you give your recipient the best CBD gift hamper is to revisit old conversations about cannabis. Maybe there are online chats and comments on social media that you recall as clues. 

You can also be extra cheeky by sending them products online and ask, “What do you think of this product?” That way, you can easily plan what you need to buy and what your gift hamper will look like! 

2. Look for an ideal “hamper” and other art supplies 

This step is your chance to show off your creativity, or lack thereof. But don’t worry, no art judgements here! It’s all about getting personal with your crafts. You do want to select an ideal hamper, though, to carry all your CBD products. Don’t forget to look for festive-themed art materials, like wrapping paper and ribbons, to let your DIY skills shine! 

3. Fill the hamper with CBD edibles and other products 

This part is the easiest and the most exciting: sourcing all the CBD products to put inside the gift hamper, waiting for them to arrive, and placing them neatly into your hamper! CBD edibles are the most recommended because the holidays are an excuse for snacking. However, you may want to add other CBD products that will seal the deal and ensure your recipient joins your hemp-loving circle! 

For example, let’s say you want to give a gift hamper to your best friend, and you may have talked about CBD benefits before, piquing their interest. You can throw in some cannabis oil and a vape pen for good measure. Don’t forget to add heartfelt notes and instructions for your recipient’s convenient use!  

4. Tell your recipient where you bought everything!

After sending your gift hamper, you may be surprised to hear later on that your recipient wants more! They will ask where you bought everything, so you better give them the information they need! That way, your recipient can build their supply of CBD essentials! Who knows—they may also be inspired to send out gift hampers to their other friends because giving is better than receiving! 


The holiday season is best spent getting high and happy, but you may want to spread the festive spirit with your friends and family. So, remember all the previously mentioned gift hamper steps and start crafting your gifts today! 

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