Thanks to the United Kingdom’s major move to legalize controlled cannabis use, related products have shot up in terms of popularity and market sales. And among these different offerings that have become essential to bud-loving Brits, cannabidiol (CBD) has become especially popular among many.

With its proven health benefits and accessibility compared to other forms of alternative medicine, CBD has become an essential item for many looking to improve their quality of life. 

The Popularity of CBD

Whether you’re looking to treat your headaches and muscle pain or need a natural way to help bring stillness to your life, there’s no doubt that cannabinoids can get the job done. From gummies and oil drops to capsules and tea, the incredibly popular compound can be taken in all sorts of different ways, making it an essential good that anyone and everyone can use. 

Now that cannabidiol products are available all over the UK and ready for purchase, you’ve most likely got a handful of options at your disposal that you can’t wait to use. However, you’re also probably wondering how exactly it interacts with your bodily systems and potentially changes things (hopefully) for the better. Of course, your curiosities and slight concerns bring a handful of questions to your mind, and the most frequently asked of them being: 

How long does CBD stay in your system?

Talking About Length

The answer to the question of how long cannabidiol stays in the body is a rather straightforward matter, considering data and studies have already answered it time and time again.

Based on science, the general duration of CBD’s presence in the system spans anywhere between two and five days. This is a fairly accurate range considering its more potent counterpart, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), lasts in the system a little longer. However, it’s worth noting that this range isn’t always applicable to everyone because there is an assortment of factors that can prolong the presence of cannabidiol in the body. 

What Determines the Length of CBD’s Stay in Your System?

Generally speaking, the length of CBD’s stay in the human body is dependent on various factors related to lifestyle, body composition and consumption habits. To give you a better idea of exactly how long the canna-compound is going to stay in your body, here’s a quick rundown of the factors that are responsible for its length of time in your system:

  1. Your Metabolism

A critical factor that affects the overall duration of CBD’s presence in the body is metabolism

Depending on how fast or slow your metabolism is, your body can either flush out cannabidiol in a relatively short timeframe or a much longer duration. For instance, if you have a fast metabolism, your body will process the CBD faster than someone with a slower metabolism—and vice versa. 

  1. How Much CBD You Use

One of the most important components of the CBD duration equation is the amount of cannabidiol you consume every time you choose to take it. 

If you were to consume products that take effect quicker, such as CBD-infused vape juice, then you should expect your body to take a shorter time flushing it out. Contrarily, consuming any volume of the compound every time you drink a bag of CBD hemp tea daily will give your body a hard time flushing the compound out because of how it’s absorbed! 

  1. How Often You Take CBD

Another determining factor in the duration of CBD in your system is the frequency at which you consume the compound.

For those who consume cannabidiol once a day or every few hours, the higher rate at which the compound is administered can cause it to stay for much longer. On the other hand, taking the same compound every other week or once a month will cause it to pass much quicker because of its lower levels in your system! 


When you start investing in cannabis products like gummies, tea or oil, you’re bound to start wondering about exactly how long compounds like CBD will stay in your system. Once you start taking note of the above-mentioned factors, you’ll have a much more accurate idea of how long the canna compound is going to last in your body! 

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