If you like cannabis concentrates, you've probably heard about CBD dabs. A dab rig or oil rig is used to evaporate and inhale a little amount of concentrate. Amber, another name for dabs, is a highly concentrated kind of butane hash oil (BHO) with a high THC concentration. This chemical is made from cannabis oils that have been extracted with butane oil.

Today, numerous studies show that dabs can contain up to 80% THC, compared to 10% - 15% THC in cannabis. Dabs are typically made by pouring butane over marijuana. Then, THC diffuses out of the plant and into butane as a result. Read on to discover what you need to know about CBD dabs.

Understanding CBD Dabs

CBD dabs are preferred by certain cannabis specialists. THC, CBD and terpenes are extracted from hemp oil to make dabs. They are crystallised and later come out as wax or sticky liquid concentration. Meanwhile, there is also an oil variant available for dabbing. It is a concentrated dark gold liquid that is commonly known as Honey Oil. Pure CBD crystal, which is tasteless and odorless, is another alternative for dabbing.

Dabbing is usually done with high THC concentrations that provide a strong high. CBD does not have the same intoxicating effects as THC. Rather, it enhances health by targeting receptors all over the body. Furthermore, CBD dabs can help relieve symptoms that traditional CBD oil cannot. CBD has been used and prescribed to treat conditions such as sleeplessness, anxiety, chronic pain and depression.

Taking CBD Dabs

Medical marijuana users may benefit from consuming more powerful cannabis. One of the main reasons is that the higher THC concentration of dab makes it simpler to obtain challenging quantities. As such, patients use medical cannabis to treat epilepsy and a range of other ailments.

Dabbing is recommended for those who dislike the heavy sensation associated with smoking marijuana but want to try it for therapeutic purposes. Often, a dab will suffice. Begin by getting a dab pen and some hybrid concentrate from a medical dispensary in your area. After that, purchase an e-nail kit to provide a more consistent temperature when dabbing.

Less Lung Harm

Because the concentrate is totally evaporated without the presence of plant matter, dabbing is a healthier alternative to smoking. Hemp contains cannabinoids and terpenes. Inhaling vaporised smoke is less harmful to the lungs than solid smoke. If you're seeking a discreet way to smoke, a dab pen is simple to use.

Outstanding One-Hit Effects

According to current research, the combination of these components results in a strong and pure concentrate. If you don't smoke, dabbing could be the next step for you.

More Discretion Provided

Both a dab pen and e-nail concentration are discrete methods to ingest. It is not necessary for you to grind or clean up marijuana crumbles. Additionally, you can carry your dab supplies in a secure case and your dab pen with you wherever you go. 

Excellent Flavoring

Terpenes are abundant in the concentrates, giving them a particular scent and flavor. When taken at the correct temperature, a single dab can produce an excellent flavor.


It’s important to know by now that dabbing CBD does not cure any medical ailment. However, it’s a great way to support a better and healthier lifestyle as it can help reduce a variety of clinical problems.

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