In recent years, people have started using CBD products as a natural remedy for various ailments. Studies have shown that CBD can alleviate chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety and many other common issues. As more and more people discover the relief it can bring, the most pressing question has become whether or not you can fail a drug test because of CBD. 

Thankfully, if you have bought products from a legal and reputable store, there’s no reason any amount of CBD in your system should flag you for drug use. Of course, you must be aware of what to look out for when sourcing CBD. This will mean the difference between buying good quality and legal CBD and a bad time.

THC Amounts

CBD is extracted from hemp, so it contains trace amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is responsible for the psychoactive effects of CBD. Should the drug test be looking out for psychoactive substances, you should still be safe. As long as you’ve bought from a reliable seller, CBD products shouldn’t contain any more than the legal amount in the UK, which is 0.1 per cent or 1mg THC per product.

You will find that most commercially available CBD products contain 0.05 per cent of THC or even less. It’s just enough to experience the benefits of the extract but not enough that it should cause you trouble during a routine drug test. 

Tried and Tested

Make sure that the products you buy have undergone testing through a third-party facility. This ensures that the stated THC level in the CBD products is completely accurate. Companies that actively monitor the amount of cannabinoids in their products are the ones you can trust to sell you safe and quality products.

CBD in Sports

The world anti-doping agency (WADA) covers a wide range of sports and states that CBD is a safe substance for athletes to consume. THC is still prohibited, however, so if you are an athlete, make sure to read the fine print and be careful about what you buy. Avoid products labelled with whole-plant CBD extract as these will contain trace amounts of THC. What you will want to get will be broad-spectrum CBD products that contain beneficial cannabinoids except for THC.

How CBD Can Still Show Up in Your Drug Test

There are very few reasons that can lead to CBD showing up in your drug test when you’ve purchased from a reliable seller, but it can still happen under the following circumstances:

  • Mislabeling of products
  • Cross-contamination of THC
  • Secondhand THC exposure
  • CBD oil breaking down in your digestive system - the result of ingesting less-purified CBD productions

The Bottom Line

CBD shouldn’t show up in your drug test, but because it is still a relatively new substance that is not as well-regulated, mistakes can occur. The best way to avoid getting a positive result in your drug test is to do your research. Make sure that you are buying from a reputable seller who had their product tested by third parties. Read all product labels very carefully. Additionally, avoid secondhand exposure from THC users. 

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