Before we get into the nitty-gritty of picking out rolling papers, it’s important to understand why choosing the right rolling paper is so important. The truth is, it can make or break the entire smoking experience. 

If your rolling papers are too thick, not sticky enough, or if they don’t burn slow enough, they can make the difference between a good or a bad smoking experience. With that in mind, what do you need to consider when choosing the right rolling paper for you?

Exploring Different Rolling Paper Materials

1. Wood Pulp

Wood pulp is the most traditional rolling paper material. It has been the most popular choice for nearly a century. Wood pulp is made from the leftover scraps of paper mills. It has traditionally been made from trees such as birch, beech, and oak, but today wood pulp papers are made from a variety of trees.

Wood pulp adds the right mix of spices and flavours to your paper. The best part: it doesn’t burn too fast. The only downside is that you will get a lot of ash, which means more clogging of your filter.

2. Rice 

Rice paper is made from rice and is the most popular rolling paper just for the simple fact that it is a very good filler. Rice is cheap, it burns slow, and it allows for a perfect slow burn. As we mentioned earlier, burning slow is key. It’s essential to enjoy the full flavour of your herbs, as well as prevent them from heating up too much.

3. Flax

Flax paper is the most eco-friendly rolling paper on the market. It can be made using recycled flax fibres, making it one of the most sustainable materials on the market. Flax is also very strong, which makes it perfect for rolling a joint. Even if you spill your herbs or you have imperfections in your rolling, you will be fine.

4. Hemp

Hemp fibres are a popular choice for rolling papers today, and with good reason. Hemp is the strongest fibre on the planet and is used in everything from paper to clothes and even fuel.

Hemp fibre also burns incredibly slow, making it the best option for an in-depth smoking session. The taste of hemp is also much milder than other options, which is perfect for those who are just starting out.

Since hemp paper is made of natural fibres, it is also very smooth and soft to the touch; which makes rolling with it a real pleasure. Hemp is also very flexible, which makes it easy to roll joints.

5. Other Materials

Some rolling papers use unique materials to make the perfect joint. If you’re looking for something funky and out of the ordinary, there are plenty of options.

One of the most popular options for rolling papers is sugarcane. This paper burns extremely slow and provides a smooth, long inhale. The taste of sugarcane rolls is also very mild, which is perfect for those who are just starting out smoking.

Another favourite is cigarette paper. Cigarette paper is thin and smooth, making it a great option for someone who wants to roll a joint that is easy to control. The taste is also very mild.

The Bottom Line: Finding the Perfect Rolling Paper that Suits Your Taste 

As we mentioned earlier, the best rolling papers are made with a variety of different materials, so it’s best to experiment with a few different options to find out which one is best for you.

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