CBD or cannabidiol is one of the most important components of medical cannabis. The industry has grown in recent years. Among its forms are CBD edibles, CBD candy, CBD vape oil, vapour oil e-liquids, and smokable products, derived from Hemp plants.

The use of it in oil form, in particular, is effective for different skin conditions, including athlete’s foot or fungi. Keep reading here for tips on using CBD oil for athlete’s feet and other common skin and foot issues.

CBD Oil Against Athlete’s Foot

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the main elements in science and health today. This range of products sees use in many health solutions. Its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make it an incredible treatment for a wide range of conditions.

Athlete’s foot is a condition associated with a fungal infection. This fungus has the scientific name tinea pedis and thrives in moist conditions. It is easily contracted in the feet because the sweat and warmth inside the shoe are a perfect home for this strain of fungi. 

CBD oil, however, can help with healing from the fungi by both fighting the fungus and stimulating recovery in the affected area. It kills the fungi trapped on the foot, toes, and surrounding skin and restores skin and cells to health.

CBD Oil and other cannabis products can help with other mild to severe skin conditions as well. CBD can heal the skin, while THC can fight tumours and cancer cells.

How Does Athlete’s Foot Happen

Once you contract the fungus, it will develop on your toes. It will itch and be slightly painful. Avoid scratching as the fungi can spread to your hands and other parts of the body. You can disinfect the area and spray the CBD oil.

It is essential to clean all floors and keep socks and underwear clean. Avoid reusing dirty or used socks and leaving footwear dirty and wet to prevent the growth of fungi. Store your shoes in a cool, dry place to prevent fungi from developing. If your feet are sweaty, it might be best to use foot powders or other products to reduce moisture in the shoe.

Added Benefits of CBD and Cannabis Medicine

CBD is sourced from plants and is organic, all-natural, and safe for human consumption. It is an effective and affordable medicine. As an organic plant product, it’s also a better alternative to pharmaceuticals with certain side effects. 

This can helps senior citizens, children, and patients with sensitive bodies or allergic reactions to pharmaceutical medicine. Cannabis oil is one of the popular products for healing fungal infections safely. It stops bacterial accumulation and promotes cell regrowth, healing, and repair. Its analgesic properties also help in lowering inflammation and pain.

Use CBD Today

You can use a range of cannabis products for all varieties of illnesses and health conditions. There are also CBD oil benefits for skin health and maintenance and for treating mild to severe conditions, including athlete’s foot.

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