Please check out our many pages of verified product reviews  - we are one of the few companies in the UK CBD industry to Not pay for reviews by offering discounts to consumers - we do not pay for reviews as the moment a financial incentive is offered, the review becomes meaningless. We also do not engage in affiliate marketing, and we will not give people links to sell products from us as we have no way of ensuring those people won't make outlandish statements and claims and generally lie to people to get sales - read our reviews - then go on to read our service reviews on trustpilot which we will publish here soon as well, we really are the difference you hope to find in a cut-throat industry such as this - read around, look at the forums online and soon you will see you are just being marketed to the whole time, so take everything with a pinch of salt. As a consumer of Cannabis products you have the right to be informed and make your own mind up. Be very careful on any Facebook forums and take the time to research the product and the company selling you the item - we are very proud of the service we offer - we are not perfect, but we do go the extra mile when required, and we do not need to lie or market products to you in such an underhand way that compromises or values. If you buy from us we will help in the case of an issue, and we will not ignore you. So for a real list of verified CBD consumer reviews, scroll down and read what real people have to say about the Cannabinoid based products they chose.