I have only ever witnessed panic buying once before with CBD Oil, a few years ago when people feared it was about to be restricted, people went a bit nuts but the Corona Virus has people going insane and taking it to the next level far surpassing what I saw before. Just check the video at the bottom of the page!

We are getting many purchases from Italy, which is not surprising as it's the closest European country to have a very serious outbreak to the UK so far. With Italy being put on lockdown I suppose it's no surprise people are looking to stock up on their favourite hemp brands amongst other items.

But it's not only for CBD Oils & products but also a lot of people are buying our smoking roach tips, presumably to spend the next few months in isolation while battling Covid -19.

To be fair if we had to stay inside for quarantine reasons, getting lifted would also be top of our list and would naturally stock up on all the essentials so that at least we could relax while being in a forced state of isolation. 

However, it is interesting to see that we are not alone and Cannabis and hemp usage is a major part of peoples prepping list for things like this and while some are willing to fight to the death over Toilet roll, others are more concerned with naturally assisting themselves with relaxation and the nutritious effects of CBD Oil.

UK CBD Oil Coronavirus bio hazard oooh

The 1 Month 420 Preppers list of what to buy for the Coronavirus. 

Our tongue in cheek preppers list of things to stock up on, to see out the apocalypse....for 1 month.

1. Cheesy Puffs or like-minded Cheesy potato crisps snacks x 4 for each day of the month because when munchies get you, the end of the world will seem a small thing in comparison to not having savoury munch.

2. Sweets of a varying chewable or suck able nature x 2 for each day of the month because you need something to chase the savoury and break up the munching cycle. Also, you will have a good source of energy for when you enter the thunder dome. 

3. Batteries, Double-A and Triple A with enough AA for 2 batteries every 2 days because Xbox and PlayStation controllers use them up quick and when self-isolating, a stoner will rely heavily on the ability to escape reality via computer games. The Triple-A Batteries is for the telly remote because fuck manually turning the channel, what is this, the apocalypse? 

 4. Pre downloaded computer games and DVD's ready to watch or play. Bandwidth is likely going to be hit hard by the influx of people in self-isolation all looking to use the internet as much as possible. So being prepared will give you time killing things to do that won't need bandwidth  Don't forget to get all Fallout games so you can practice your scavenging for when the world really ends.

5. Rolling papers, roach tips and any dab equipment like butane and atomizers. If you do like to use the sacred herb and its legal for you to do so then stock up on all the smoking and dabbing accessories required for a month-long stint inside without losing you mind to boredom. It won't be worth running out for you and those around you. 

 6. Sodas for drinking because you can't drink life-preserving water all the time and sometimes you need to wash down the crisps and sweets with another flavoured liquid sugar. Probably best, if you drink things like Monster energy drinks to stock up for the month as no one wants an energy drink addled person on a comedown in an enclosed environment, keep em stocked up to avert the inevitable craving and meltdowns it will cause.

7. Bath Bombs and other relaxing items, as the apocalypse can be stressful, save time now and stock up on Lush bath bombs to save yourself fighting to the death over them in the coming weeks as even the most hardened wasteland raider needs to unwind now and again.

420 list to one side, Instead of panic buying, make sure you have made a list of what you will need to see out a month with no assistance and begin stocking up slowly but surely with each shop. Being prepared is common sense and there is nothing wrong for planning for your family if it looks like the government won't be able to play a proper role. But you do not need to freak out and revert to mindless panicking.

If after a month no help comes to help and it looks like society has crumbled, then dig out your steampunk gear and get all mad max. but until then, fighting for loo roll is probably just a crap way to go and shows how as a society we could be much more than we are.