In recent years, the use of CBD oil has skyrocketed because of its legalisation. CBD (cannabidiol) oil is extracted from the hemp plant with a high CBD content. It's used as a nutritional supplement to treat anxiety, pain, mental health disorders, and other health problems.

Pain relief is one of the primary problems that CBD oil solves, which is why it's the market leader in legal cannabis sales. CBD oil helps with most kinds of pain, but one type of pain that's hard to alleviate is period pain for women. After all, women go through a lot of pain with their periods, which is by no means easy. At its worst, period pain feels like you're constantly getting stabbed.

The big question is: does CBD oil help with period pain? We'll discuss all about it in this article, so read on below to get started.

CBD Oil and Period Pain

The short answer is: yes, CBD oil helps alleviate period pain. CBD oil helps to moderate cortisol levels in the body, which reduces the pain and inflammation that comes with period cramps.

Studies show that CBD oil helps relieve menstrual pain, endometriosis pain, and other pain conditions such as arthritis. CBD oil also helps regulate hormones and boost libido, which can be helpful in women with low sex drive.

However, keep in mind that CBD oil is not a substitute for medication for period pain. If you have an intense or prolonged period pain, consult your doctor or go to the hospital to see if you need medication. CBD oil won't hurt, but it won't cure your pain.

The Benefits of Using CBD Oil for Period Relief

Aside from alleviating the pain associated with periods, CBD oil also helps in the following ways:

Helps Balance Hormones

When it comes to period pain and cramps, hormones play a huge role. For example, if your body has irregular hormone levels, you'll have periodic menstrual pain and cramps. CBD oil can regulate hormones, and it's one of the main reasons it helps to lessen period pain.

Reduces Inflammation

Essentially, the CBD oil derived from hemp helps reduce the inflammation caused by period pain. CBD oil is proven to reduce inflammation, a prevalent source of pain. Inflammation is different from pain, but it can cause pain. CBD oil helps to reduce inflammation and the pain that it causes.

Prevents Spasms

Those who suffer from period pain can feel spasms caused by their periods. CBD oil can help relieve muscle spasms—the leading cause of period pain. CBD oil helps prevent these spasms, and it can reduce pain and cramps.

Reduces Estrogen Levels

CBD oil has been proven to reduce estrogen levels, a natural hormone that causes period pain. Estrogen levels usually rise during periods, and CBD oil helps reduce the levels of this hormone.

The Right CBD Oil Dosage for Period Pain

CBD oil dosage for period pain varies depending on the person. Most people tolerate CBD oil well, but remember that you should always start with a small dosage. You can increase the dosage after a week, but always be sure to decrease the dosage if you have a negative response to CBD oil. Always consult your doctor or a doctor in your area before taking CBD oil.

CBD oil is usually taken orally. You can either swallow the CBD oil or simply drop it under your tongue. If you use CBD oil under your tongue, the absorption rate is even better, which means that you'll receive the effects of CBD oil faster. This is good, as you won't have to wait as long to feel the benefits of CBD oil.

It's best to consult with a doctor to ensure that you take the proper dosage. This way, you won't get too much or too little of the benefits of CBD oil.


CBD oil helps treat period pain by reducing cortisol levels, preventing spasms, and regulating hormones. CBD oil has been proven to provide relief for those suffering from period pain, so always remember that CBD oil is a viable option if the pain is too unbearable.

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