Hello - we are pleased to announce we have received delivery of the CBD Hash, this is available in two different brands, SHC (solid hemp collectibles) and Plant of Life in Grams. This product is very versatile with its usability in Vaping, smoking, eating, cooking and Hot Knives (i am Joking about the hot knives but how old does that make you feel). This is a new and niche product for the UK market and we hope you enjoy them as much as we did, the Banana Kush was very tasty.

We have also had a full restock of Synergy Of Nature Products and we are very proud to announce that we are the only other store selling the Canna Products they produce, anyone other than Synergy and ourselves will have the Non canna derived products only so this is a nice touch for our customers to be able to have options when wanting the very best in Cannabinoid Concentrates. Please note not all varieties of crystals and crumbles come in Canna derived but the Terpene profiles that do, we will stock. This is a premium CBD product - right across the range, its something special and niche and is a product line that is setting trends. 

We have also restocked Holistic Hemp Scotland and have added new products to this great range. We now stock the paste in another strength in samples and we also have added the Capsules, these are very interesting and come in two formats, one with Turmeric extract and one without and are full spectrum and highly competitive. And finally again we are very pleased to be we think the only other seller of Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Oil, this RAW 5% 10ml bottle of CBD oil is a great entry grade product for those looking for something Scottish and potent for a good price.

And CBD Lollies or Lollipops are also now in store - they come with 4mg of CBD per lolly and are a great travel friendly way to ingest CBD while on the go, they are made by Cibiday and  we are pleased to offer certified CBD lollipops for sale in the UK on our site. We have loads more products to bring you, this is a CBD Supermarket that's getting bigger and bigger thanks to you and your support,  every review helps potential Customers make informed choices about hemp products for sale in the UK. We don't engage with so much of the stuff about in the industry - we focus on trying to give good service and not screw up to much , if you respect our approach then please shout about it, we even have a reward scheme for interacting with us on social media etc but the one thing we have yet to do is pay anyone for a review - we have over 500 Verified reviews spread across two third party platforms and they are all real, no affiliate links given for reviews and no discount given for reviews, we want them to be a real form of marketing and hope you can spot the difference between what is real consumer input and what is paid for - we feel you lose the legitimacy of the review if it had any financial intensive. please stay tuned for more products and service upgrades and we wish you all a brilliant, happy 2018. Thank you for reading .