We are very happy to of received 90% of our delivery of new Canavape products including the Complete Terpene Eliquids in both sizes. We have also reduced prices now and offer free UK delivery so if you are want ing to try the best British CBD Eliquid of 2017/ 2018 & we are sure 2019 then look no further - this is the vape Liquid for the big boys and girls who know their stuff. All products come in glass for that clean non plastic taste you can get with inferior plastic eliquid bottles. We have also received the ECS  Gold Drops, Capsules and the CBG Oil which is in great demand at the moment. Between Canavape & ECS you have more than enough products to experiment with no matter if you prefer vaping your CBD or ingesting it orally. 


Use of CBD products has skyrocketed and so has the amount of terrible products being released to capture the payments of unsuspecting consumer who fall for the marketing employed by so many of the manufacturers and retailers. This is especially true in the vape world in the UK, it's a cutthroat rave to the bottom for many who are cutting quality and corners to produce cheaper and cheaper products. You can be sure the very last concern of theirs is your well-being. This is the polar opposite of Canavape UK - these guys care and this care translates into the products they produce - this is the UK's best Terpene infused Eliquid, hands down this is the pinnacle of what the industry has to offer at his moment with regard to CBD Vape oils and tinctures. Of course many of you will know this but Canavape pioneered the use of CBG in their products which are a welcome addition of a much wanted cannabinoid. Quintessential are very proud to offer you the full range of Canavape products and ECS products with Free UK tracked delivery making us the cheapest place to buy these item online.