Rolling papers are sheets made of various materials designed specifically for cannabis consumption. More commonly referred to as skinning up, these paper sheets allow consumers to enjoy their cannabis / herbal smokeable in a cheap, portable, and fairly efficient way. But there are many types of rolling papers available in the market today. But which one's the best for you? Here is a guide on choosing the most-suitable rolling paper for your needs.

1. Rice Papers

Rice papers are rice sticks made from rice paper for rolling marijuana joints or blunts. Most rice papers come in small sheets, usually 50 to 100 sheets per pack, and are sold with bulkier brands. Rice papers are much thinner than hemp and tend to be more fragile, making them a sub-par option for novice joint-rollers. They are not the most reliable rolling paper, but a decent option for those living in areas without many options.

2. Hemp Papers

Hemp papers are the most common joint rolling papers. They are made out of plant fibres extracted from the hemp plant. Hemp rolling papers are typically made in packs of 50 to 60. But nowadays, you can get rolling hemp papers in 25s as well. They are a preferred choice due to the durability they possess. However, it’s vital to know that they can be very harsh to the throat. Hemp can also leave a bit of a dry, chalky taste. Hemp papers are an excellent choice for those looking for a paper with a little more body and less harshness.

3. Ultra-Thin Papers

Ultra-thin papers are made from hemp fibres but are thinner than traditional hemp papers and have a higher price tag. Ultra-thin papers are made to roll more extended joints and work with smaller ones. The size of ultra-thin papers ranges from a quarter of an inch to as wide as four inches. Ultra-thin papers are durable but can also be harsh on the throat. They are good options for people finding a broader or longer rolling paper.

4. Cones

Cones are specialised papers with a point at one end designed to allow the consumer to pack their cones more efficiently. They are made from the same paper as regular rolling papers but are typically thicker. Cones help fill a cone in seconds and do not require any special wrapping to hold the joint together—an excellent option for packing cannabis quickly and efficiently.

How to Choose the Best Rolling Papers

Now that you know the basics of rolling papers, how do you make an informed decision? Here are some things to consider when choosing rolling papers for your cannabis consumption needs.


Size is an essential factor when it comes to rolling papers. The size of your joint is determined by the thickness of the paper and the number of tobacco leaves. The size of a piece is also determined by the number of inches wide and inches long.


Depending on your smoking style, you may need more or fewer papers. If you smoke more than daily, it is better to go with a larger package. However, if you only smoke occasionally, a smaller container would be better.


Depending on your preference, papers come in a variety of textures. Some papers are smooth; others are a bit rougher. Soft papers are more likely to burn evenly, but more unrefined papers can be easier to roll.


Finding the proper rolling papers for your cannabis consumption needs can be difficult. But if you keep the above criteria in mind, you should have a better chance of picking the best rolling papers.

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