Marijuana seeds generally fall under the category of cannabis seeds. And when it comes to nutritional benefits, there is no stark difference between the seeds of hemp and cannabis.

There are no cannabinoids in marijuana seeds. You usually find this property in the plant’s stems, flowers, leaves, and stalks. The medicinal traits of marijuana lie in active cannabinoids and specific terpenes and flavonoids. As such, marijuana seeds cannot be used for therapeutic or medicinal purposes. 

However, they can still be used for their nutritional benefits, such as:

1. Natural Protein for Easy Digestion

Many nutritional experts believe that plant-based protein is easier to digest and is healthier for the body than animal-based protein. Research published in The Journal of the American Medical Association in August 2019 was conducted to compare plant and animal protein consumption. The study showed that people who did not eat animal protein had a significantly lower death rate than individuals who frequently ate meat. Additionally, they found that with every 3 per cent increase in plant protein intake, the risk of death decreases by 10 per cent.

One of the best sources of natural, plant-based protein is marijuana seeds. Back in the day, farmers used a mash of cannabis seeds to feed their livestock and make them healthier. This is also why protein powder containing bodybuilding hemp seed is gaining popularity.

2. Weight Loss or Gain

Diets based on cannabis seeds help people lose or gain weight, depending on their goal. These seeds contain many vitamins, particularly vitamin E. They also contain important minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc, and iron. Marijuana seeds also contain protein, which helps a person feel full for a longer time.

The same nutritional characteristics can help individuals gain weight naturally and healthily. Cannabis seeds are a great ingredient to incorporate in filing snacks or supplements for adding or maintaining lean muscle mass. Their nutty flavour profile makes them an excellent addition to salads and plain yoghurts.

3. Essential Omega Fatty Acids

People don’t naturally produce omega fatty acids, such as omega three and six. As such, we need to consume them from external sources. Some of the most abundant sources of natural omega acids in the plant kingdom are hemp and cannabis seeds. They contain more of these nutrients compared to walnuts, chia seeds, and flaxseed. 

Omega-3 fatty acids, in particular, are known for promoting a healthy brain and heart. These nutrients are also amino acids that are conducive to protein production.

4. Heart Health

Marijuana seeds are good for the heart because they are rich in omega acids, which help reduce blood pressure. They are also known for limiting the formation of stroke-inducing blood clots. These seeds can also have a positive impact on your overall cardiovascular function.

Arginine is a notable property of cannabis seeds. They are known for relaxing and dilating blood vessels, reducing blood pressure and lowering the risk of a heart attack in the process. Some reports claim hemp seeds help people recover after experiencing a heart attack.

5. Whole-Body Wellness

One of the best ways to look after your body, prevent disease, and promote overall body wellness is by consuming marijuana seeds regularly. The benefits of these seeds reduce the risk of contracting dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and other psychological conditions. With this logic, cannabis seeds can also positively affect your mental health as much as it does on your physiological health.


Marijuana seeds can have a significant effect on your overall health. They can improve your physiological condition, and they also have a positive impact on your psychological health. 

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