Cannabidiol (CBD) products are picking up in the mainstream sense as it grows in legality across the globe. It's generally touted (and used) for its benefits in terms of overall human health. One of the ways it's taken in by users is through vaping.

More About CBD

Since it's a compound generally taken from cannabis, most people are initially concerned about whether CBD is legal or not in the first place. The short answer is yes, though it's always best to consult local laws wherever you go. Science has looked into CBD derived from Hemp as a medicinal healing instrument for some time now.  A more detailed dive into the possible healing value of CBD includes the exploration of using it for dealing with anxiety, managing inflammation, pain relief, as well as seizure and epilepsy treatment.

Read on for important facts you should be aware of on vaping CBD:

To begin with, clinical trials that involve CBD generally center on oral intake: capsules, solutions and even sublingual sprays. Aerosolised therapy is also an option, typically used by people who have COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and asthma alike.  Since it ends up straight in the lungs, the effect is rather quick. It also means doses are much smaller than oral intake or even getting injections.

Vaping CBD is a relatively new practice, likely hinged on condensation aerosols. In truth, there's not quite enough science to back it up just yet. Moreover, not all CBD products are exactly the same or at least what they claim to be on their labels. There was a study that involved two e-liquids which found, in the end, that one of them had over 1.00mg more. In truth, regulation and quality control for CBD products haven’t quite taken off to where they should be.

Unknown doses of CBD can lead to several issues in the long run. And oil could have much less CBD than the label states as well, the International Journal of Environment Research and Public Health states. At that stage, the oils have likely been in storage for quite some time within an environment ripe for making it downright unstable.

Fast Facts

  • No matter the anxiety disorder (generalised, panic, social anxiety, obsessive-compulsive and even post-traumatic), studies so far support CBD as a treatment.

  • In the United States, there were almost 3000 people (2,807 as of early last year, to be exact) reported to have near-fatal incidents or at least inpatient hospital treatment for EVALI (e-cigarette or vaping product use-associated lung injury).

  • High THC doses can affect moods which are likely where people get the assumption that CBD is meant to treat the likes of depression.

  • In the United States, CBD has not been regulated for general medicinal use, only for rare epilepsy treatment.


One of the trends that's becoming more prevalent in health as of late is cannabidiol or CBD. Many clinical trials have shown it has potential for the treatment of anxiety and rare epilepsy. It's generally not recommended to be taken in via vaping devices.

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