Joints are the penultimate smoking method, and the style that each roller deploys is as personal as it gets. Naturals to the craft create stunning examples of cones, pinners, bats, and other classic joint shapes, while others are simply functional with little aesthetic appeal.

From Seth Rogen rolling cross joints to Tony Greenhand's mind-boggling creations, the spectrum is vast. Specially designed custom joint art can even run upwards of a few thousand dollars depending on the shape and amount of flower used. 

The quality of the hemp flower and the strain you select is just as important as the shape you roll. But if you're nervous about botching your first few attempts, try practising with shake or weed that might be slightly past its prime. The lower the stakes, the more fun you'll have.  

Materials You Need

  1. Rolling Papers
  1. Filter tips / Roach Tips 
  1. Scissors
  1. Toothpick
  1. Herb Grinding Machine

The adhesive strip on rolling sheets may be employed for a variety of innovative purposes, according to master joint rollers. This sticky strip, when mildly wet, produces a natural gum that is ideal for smoking. It adds no more weight or unknown compounds that aren't flammable to the mix. And it stays in place as long as you don't over wet the paper.

The Different Artistic Joint Rolling Methods

The Inside-Out Joint or Backflip Spliff

The inside-out joint, also known as the reverse joint, is a crazy joint-rolling method that always results in an ultimate hit. The practice is popular among experienced smokers who dislike using many layers of smoking papers. When rolling an inside-out joint, only one sheet of a rolling paper is used to wrap the plant. You may either burn away the leftover paper or cut it off. Even though there is just one layer, the joint burns slower and allows you to enjoy the flavour of your cannabis.

The Bottle Joint 

This is a joint that has a longer filter section and an opening at the top of the filter. The opening is usually made by removing a cigarette filter or rolling paper. The joint is then rolled in the shape of a bottle, and a small hole is created on the neck of the bottle. A smoking pipe is inserted inside the hole, and the bottle is now ready to be smoked. (this was written by an American) as an Englishman I have no idea what a bottle joint is.

The Triple Joint or Braided Spliff

Have you ever heard smokers discuss attaining the ultimate hit with The Old Dirty One? And you're constantly left wondering, "What are they talking about?" The Old Dirty One is another joint-rolling method that is simple to roll and an excellent choice when you want a massive amount of cannabis in a single joint. The method, also known as The Triple Joint and The Triple Barrel, employs three separate filter tips that are joined together by a fourth tip. To begin, take two rolling sheets, glue them together, and trim the excess. Next, take three wrapped filter tips and wrap them with an additional filter tip. You may need to use a glue strip to keep them together. Roll the joint in the same manner as you would a regular joint—the triple joint burns like a genuine cigar, which will astound you.


Rolling the perfect joint is all about how you manipulate the rolling paper, the shape of the joint, the length of the joint, and how you pack the joint. We have discussed the different types of joint rolling styles in this article. You may already have some favourite joint-rolling methods that you like to follow. Let us know about your favourite joint-rolling methods in the comments section.

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