The United Kingdom is opening up regulations on cannabis products slowly, which is making people excited as they start to buy the best CBD products on the market. While marijuana and other high-THC content products are still banned and illegal, CBD oils and CBD dabs in the UK are taking the country by storm. These fantastic hemp products are helping people feel better and more relaxed daily, which is helping people get through the pandemic’s effects. 

In the United States, there are people who love to use concentrated cannabis forms called “dabs,” which have a stronger and more potent high compared to the usual bong hit. Marijuana is still illegal in the UK, so it’s unlikely that THC-heavy dabs will be imported any time soon. However, people are lucky enough to buy CBD dabs in the UK. Here is more information on how CBD dabs work for those who still have not tried them:

Firstly, What are CBD Dabs?

CBD dabs are concentrated forms of hemp products that extract the cannabinoids and terpenes without the undesirable plant matter. This allows the hemp to become a waxy substance that has a different texture compared to smoking plant matter, which you might be familiar with if you’ve smoked tobacco or other hemp plants. These typically have a different effect compared to ingesting CBD oils or other products like infused edibles and the like. 

How Do You Use CBD Dabs in the UK?

Firstly, you’ll need to get a special dab rig. This rig isn’t like the typical bong that you see in stoner movies, as dabbing is a rather new way to “vapourise” the concentrated substance. It operates using a glass or metal nail, also called a banger that has the dabs applied to it and heated using a butane torch. Take note that it’s not doable with your typical store-bought disposable lighter, as it requires a more powerful flame to heat the nail to a white-hot state. 

Dabbing CBD is different from THC-heavy dabs because it doesn’t give you the psychoactive high. In fact, it allows you to function regularly while feeling an improved sense of relaxation and calmness. There are a few steps regarding how to dab successfully, as some people aren’t used to holding a dab rig for the first time. Here are steps to dab CBD like a pro:

  1. Heat up the nail with a butane torch until you see it glowing red. If your nail is a high-quality and expensive one, you can get it to white hot. Be very careful because this can cause nasty burns if you touch the heated surface and will cause you to drop the nail. 
  2. Once your nail is around 180 degrees Celsius, this is the perfect temperature to start applying dabs to the nail. Depending on the material and quality of the build, it might take longer to heat up and might cool down quicker. If you use a stopwatch or a specialised app, this can make everything easier. 
  3. With a dab tool, apply your CBD dabs onto the surface of the heated nail and then inhale the vapour from the mouthpiece of your rig. You can also buy a carb cap to cover the nail for better heat-trapping to add more vapour. 
  4. Exhale the vapour immediately and ensure that you don’t keep it inside your lungs for too long. 
  5. Once you’re done, let the nail cool down while cleaning off residual concentrates, as a fully cooled nail will harden the materials. After it’s fully cooled, wipe the inside of the nail with some cotton and then rub it with alcohol to cleanse it from residuals and potential bacterial growth. 


Dabs are basically concentrated cannabis materials that remove the leaves and keep the cannabinoids and terpenes. These can be done with both THC and CBD hemp products, but the UK only allows the use of CBD as per local laws and regulations on drugs. While you won’t get high, you’ll definitely get a stronger feeling of relaxation with dabbing CBD compared to other methods of consumption. 

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