Many encourage learning the art of rolling their own blunts because a pre-rolled joint doesn’t compare to one that was freshly rolled. Although some might have watched their friends roll one during a few sessions or watched a video on it, it’s easy to be oblivious and just pay no mind to how the process works.

There’s not much behind rolling a blunt, though, as they really are simple as you think. Keep reading to find out what steps you need to take to roll your own hemp blunt

Gathering Supplies

To roll a blunt, you’re going to need some supplies. The most necessary things you need are good-quality hemp blunt wrap, hemp flower and grinder. Interchange the hemp blunt wrap with a different variety if you’re having a hard time rolling and sealing your joint. 

Check the packaging for how you should be storing the supplies because most products are going to be sensitive to temperature. Rolling a blunt means having a big and clean surface to start. Clear out as much clutter as you can from your table, or get a beginner-friendly rolling tray that you can lay all your supplies on. 

Prepping the Wrap

A blunt wrap is usually shipped as a hollowed-out cigar that’s meant for you to reroll. Some may be prone to cracking, which is why it’s recommended to moisten the wrap after taking it out from its packaging. You don’t want to drench it, but just make it moist enough to be malleable. 

One simple way you can moisten the wrap without any water or other material is by simply puffing warm air onto it with your breath. About 10-15 seconds will be enough to change the solidity of the material. 

Rolling the Blunt

Grind up your hemp flower up into fine pieces. Once you have your fresh grounds, take out the wrap and place it on a flat surface. The grounds should be placed in a trail and by the edge of the wrap, acting as what would be one end of your joint. 

In order to roll your blunt, you have to use your thumb and index finger. Create a spinning motion that will make the wrap go around the ground-up flower. Once it feels secure, lick the opposite edge of the wrap to seal everything up. 

Lighting It Up

The final result can look a little different from store-bought blunts, but you can still light it up just the same. If you want to be a perfectionist, you can take some scissors and cut up any excess on either side. Just be particularly careful in keeping it rolled and the flower encased in it. 


Rolling up your own blunt is a different experience from just lighting one up right away, which can be oddly fulfilling. You get more used to rolling after the first time and, before you know it, it’ll be like second nature to roll a joint, grab your favourite lighter, put on a song and enjoy. 

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