Did you know that the promising CBD products are turned into snacks as well? Apart from capsules, oil, vape juices and pastes, CBD edibles have recently become a craze. Think about brownies, candies, gummies and other sweets being infused with this healthy hemp property. Not only will you enjoy savouring these treats, but you’ll also take advantage of CBD’s wonderful benefits.

If you’ve purchased a handful of these goods, you must know that it’s important to store them properly. Doing so prevents them from spoilage, reduced product quality and lessened CBD effects. That said, here are five practical tips for storing your CBD edibles and extending their shelf life:

1. Store them in the fridge

It’s important to know that CBD-infused edibles last longer in a place with a cold temperature. When it comes to this, your house refrigerator is your best bet. Putting them in the fridge will keep them fresh and unspoiled for a week or two. Some are even best kept in the freezer, such as butter or oil, for long-term use. However, be sure to identify what particular snacks are allowed to be stored in a fridge or a freezer.

2. Keep them away from light

It’s worth knowing that light and heat have adverse effects on your snacks. Why? Excess light exposure creates a certain condition for mould to grow and possibly deteriorate the CBD property itself. On the other hand, heat encourages bacterial growth that will make your products spoiled. For these reasons, be sure to keep your edibles in dark and cool places to avoid mould contamination and potency loss.

3. Avoid placing them in a moist environment

Everyone knows how mould and mildew love to grow and thrive in a moist environment. If you put your CBD-infused snacks in a damp place for storage, this can spell a huge disaster. The chances are high that you’ll soon notice some mould present in them. The worst thing is that you’ll end up tossing them out and won’t be able to consume them at all.

4. Put them in a sealed jar

There are good reasons to put your CBD edibles in a sealed jar. For one, keeping them in an airtight container prevents potential decay and stops insects from eating them. Second, doing so will keep them away from your kids and pets who may accidentally consume them out of curiosity.

5. Place them in a stable area

Apart from storing your snacks in a cold, dark and dry place, you have to make sure that they’re placed in a stable location. Know that some areas have environmental fluctuations that can change the temperature, humidity and other factors from time to time. As you don’t want your products to get impacted by these changes, having a stable environment makes all the difference!

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At this point, you now know how to store your CBD edibles properly. As discussed above, all it takes is to put them in the fridge, a sealed jar and a stable area. Likewise, be sure to keep them away from light and avoid a high-moisture environment. By taking good care of them through these storage tips, you’ll get the most out of your products. Ultimately, you’ll prolong their shelf life and maintain their potency along the way for your own benefit!

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