As summer comes to an end and the nights draw in closer, please remember you don't need sunshine and long days to feel special, just do what all great ladies and men as well do and mix things up a bit with some great new hair colours. After all its only semi permanent so you wont be stuck with bright pink hair forever. Not that some folk will mind but these are the very best hair dyes on the UK market that are still available at a good price, however please note eBay and Amazon sellers may be selling fakes or copies so only buy from reputable shops and online re sellers. 


The Miss Woo hair products known as directions have shot to fame because of the ease of application and also the varied and distinctive colour options. Most places have a few colours, perhaps the top ten well known colours but not Directions Hair Dyes, they have an epic range that some of our customers like to mix and match different colours to create new colour mixes all of there own. Another bonus is that the range is a non damaging hair dye and wont effect the quality of your hair no matter how often you use it, so there is no reason why having dyed hair should result in a straw like texture.


In Truro, Cornwall there is only one place to buy Directions Hair dyes at an affordable rate and that is Quintessential Emporium based in Kenwyn Street Truro next door to the Old Jeans Store and opposite Bunters Bar. They have the entire selection of dyes and reorder constantly so if you need something extra special or many of one colour than quints is the place to go. The friendly and helpful staff will help and aid you in picking the right colour and will provide colour swatches and charts to aid you in making a tough decision and that is should I go lavender or red.


As well as the Directions Hair Dye, Quintessential in Truro also stocks natural Ayurvedic Henna hair dyes that are also semi permanent but are completely non toxic and a fair trade product. From Classic fiery red to copper or chestnut we have a hair dye that will work with you to create a stunning and effortless look.