2015 has been a good year for new papers with some brand new releases by Rizla including the new Pink Rizla paper and the Natura range of smoking papers that come in regular paper size and the kingsize slim for a longer smoking experience. But many more have also been released including new products by golden rolling paper manufacturer Shine. Below we will look at the new products and see if they are worth it or if they are a bit of a gimmick. As ever the world of papers are changing but unfortunately shyster traders don't go away with a glut of websites driving down the prices it a cut throat industry where only the strong survive, we recommend using only trusted websites when purchasing smoking accessories as the discount vendors usually mix in fake products with there stock to generate more income, sad but true so remember if the prices are to cheap the website is not to be trusted.


2015 New Shine Rolling Papers & Blunts


Shine 24 Carat Gold rolling papers have been out a little while now on the UK smoking accessories market and have had a mixed reception as a product this divisive would always have. The one and a quarter rolling papers are easy to use if they come packaged, the websites that sell them loose really do the product no favours and only devalue it further due to the fact the rolling paper is as much its branding and style as it is a smoking paper, and the same must be said of the blunts, if your buying them from trusted re sellers then your going to have a good stylish premium piece of smoking tech, but if not the websites that sell them individually will only make them a one time sale as no right minded consumer will spend big money on a disposable consumable item if they come without the glitz and glamour that is associated with such items. In the UK the only places worth getting are traders like Ali Bongo and EveryoneDoesIt.co.uk. There is chatter online as to the fact that some people are now having there own gold papers made in china and I would hate to see the quality of those compared to the original Shine Gold products but like in any industry those with no ideas copy those who do. So we wish Shine the best of luck dealing with the alleged forgeries, as a company who also gets copied we know this is harmful and combined with websites that further devalue products is not helpful. The new Shine Gold cones are a great way to take a pre a rolled to the party though and this a new and cool product, as they say why just go to the party when you can be the party. In many ways this is way better than the papers or blunts as its special in a way the others are not, you can fill it with your choice of legal smoking mixtures and watch as everyone gravitates towards you as the gold is hypnotic baby - with these niche gold smoking products we recommend buying from Shine directly to get the freshest stock going because from experience the older the gold papers got the drier and more likely to wasted they became, so buy fresh and buy from shine, when purchasing high end items like this it pays to go to the source.



RAW New Release Smoking Cones 


What a range of products RAW has, not going to lie and say that they are all good or even really seem like they have a purpose apart from to saturate the market, but like the Connoisseur papers every now and again they produce something epic and that is definitely the case with there new release Smoking cones that are pre made including the RAWket , the Emperador and the supernatural which rivals Mountain High Giga cones. The one that really gets our attention is the 5 stage RAWket that sees a full collection of all the sizes of pre made rolling paper cones in one pack - this we like and if you cant afford the shine gold pre made cones that we talked about above then the RAW selection pack is a sure fire way to get the party started all be it with a tad less bling. So if your sat around on the couch thinking i need to purchase a new smoking accessory then think no more the answer is clear, a Shine gold pre made conned paper or a RAW selection Cone Pack are an instant winner.



If you enjoyed reading this short blog on new smoking accessories, please comment share or just go out and get involved with these new products, just don't buy them from anywhere but the links we gave above or your gonna have a bad time.