Do you live in Cornwall and are you thinking about making the switch from smoking to vaporising ? save time effort and money before purchasing online by popping into Quintessential Truro shop on Kenwyn street for the very best selection of the latest and greatest vape products. We stock only reputable models that have been tried and tested and also proven to give big vapour clouds. Both mechanical and non mechanical models available in store now.


What sets Quintessential Truro apart from other shops and online retailers, the after sales service that is second to none is something our customers keep coming back for. As an example when you buy a Volcano or mighty herbal vape you will of spent over 200 pounds, so if the vape stops working suddenly you will want some sort of recourse that does not include spending more money on postage and packaging to wait for weeks for a response from the vendor. If you purchase a vaporizer from us and you encounter problems, we will send the vape of to the manufacturer for testing, that way you will have resolution very quickly leaving you with little vaporizer down time.


 We have a large range of products in stock such as the magic flight, mighty and crafty plus Atmos and other herbal and concentrate vaporizers for you browsing pleasure, pop in for a detailed explanation and some help making the switch from smoking to vaping from happy and knowledgeable staff.