Cornwall can sometimes feel like its stuck in the stone age with little choice and last years ranges being the predominant feature to most shops who are still playing catch up to the big city boys. But did you know that in the wonderfully picturesque capital of Cornwall - Truro there is a Head & Heart Shop that has the biggest and best stocked selection of glass and acrylic or plastic bongs for smoking tobacco and other legal herbal smoking mixtures out of. There is no one else this side of the Tamar with a range of quality glass like Quintessential Emporium based in Kenwyn street, just up the road from the Burger king and next door to the Old Jean Store and opposite Bunters Bar. The staff are all knowledgeable and provide a second to none after-care service, providing replacement part such as grommets, downpipes and bases for all the models we sell. Below is a run down of the Glass and acrylic products we stock.

Grace Glass Bongs

Grace Glass or GG Bongs as its known is a new but instantly likeable company that specialises in super high quality glass bongs, pipes and peculator bongs that are all adaptable for dabbing nails and rigs. The glass is thick and sturdy and you wont find thin breakable products anywhere in the range. Quintessential in Truro has a superior priced selection from non percolator bongs to high end custom looking pieces designed for everyday use by medical users, or recreational users who like the finer things in life when it comes to glass smoking accessories. Pop into the shop and check out what we do, what we can get and our unbeatable prices, and please note we don't buy old chines made copied glass bongs, we only stock real Grace Glass from reputable wholesalers.