All good things only stay good in moderation. The consumption of cannabis products is no exception, but sometimes it is out of our control. Whether it’s a plate of edibles from an unfamiliar source at a party or a strain of weed you’re trying out with your friends, it is a risk every cannabis product user must eventually face. Before it becomes an uncomfortable experience for you and everyone around you, make sure to remember the following tips and tricks for dealing with a bad trip:

1. Don’t panic

Picture these words in large, friendly letters.: don’t panic.

Bad weed trips will eventually pass. What is important is to never give in to the rush of panic and paranoia. Do not make any hasty decisions, and just wait for these feelings to pass. After all, there is no such thing as a cannabis overdose. You are completely safe, even though you are feeling terrible. You may sweat, feel groggy, or even freak out, but you will be completely fine.

2. Understand your limitations

If you are new to the world of cannabis product consumption, you might still have a low tolerance. If you are not new, have a look at your history. How many puffs does it take for you to start to feel that high? How many bites of that brownie? It is better to err on the side of caution than to dive in.

If you are trying a new strain or product, make sure to start small. If it’s not enough, keep adding in little increments. If it’s an edible, make sure to wait for it to take effect before consuming more.

3. Hydrate

One of the most common signs of having had too much weed is dry mouth. An abundance of cannabis in the system can cause you to sweat, cause your mouth to feel dry, and generate a feeling of dehydration. This can be battled by drinking lots of water both before and during your consumption of cannabis.

Avoid combining cannabis with alcohol, as this can increase the level of dehydration you might experience.

4. Chew on black peppercorns

Many frequent cannabis users swear by this technique, although some say it is more of the placebo effect at play. Sniffing or chewing on black peppercorns is a good way to jolt your system back into rationality, ending the bad trip much sooner.

5. Sleep

One of the best ways to quiet a mind running on the fumes of a bad trip is to sleep. Find a quiet, relaxing place to lay down, and start counting the seconds until you fall asleep. This might just cause you to skip over the worst part of the trip and wake up feeling refreshed after having escaped what would have been a bad night.

In conclusion

Everyone ends up experiencing a bad trip at least once in their lives, even if it is from weed. What’s important is to know what you have to do to get through it. Be patient, drink lots of water, and relax. Maybe chew on some peppercorns while you’re at it. Your night doesn’t have to be ruined just because you’re reacting badly to some weed.

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