There's a lot of confusion about whether smoking or vaping is better. Unfortunately, there are many variables and subjective opinions that influence the answer— it ultimately depends on preferences. 

However, there are many clear benefits to vaping over smoking based on experience, health, and accessibility. Here are some of the main advantages of vaping.

No Odors or Smoke

Many vapers appreciate the subtlety of their device. It doesn't have the pungent odor that's associated with smoking both during and after the event. Many long-time smokers experience discolored fingers and a lingering scent that tells other people what they've been up to. This feature is especially appreciated in places where marijuana has been legalized. 

In addition to having no smell, you can also control the vapor output of a vape pen. While some people choose to be showy while vaping, certain models allow for a virtually vapor-free experience. This feature allows for discretion in public settings.

Another benefit of the odorless and smokeless output of vaping is that you can use the device inside without the negative side effects. Houses where people smoke indoors often have a yellow tinge on the walls and flooring. On humid days, you can often see the yellow residue dripping out of the walls. It leaves a lasting odor that makes a house difficult to sell and toxic to live in due to third-hand smoke.

Lower Combustion Point

One of the reasons vaping is considered healthier than smoking is that it has a lower combustion point. What does this mean? The product is released using a lower temperature, which reduces the heat being introduced to the lungs. 

There's a hypothesis that the lower combustion rate also reduces the dose of harmful chemicals released in a cigarette, though further studies are underway. Even with the lower combustion rate, vape pens deliver the product more efficiently, as seen in a recent John Hopkins study.

It's important to note that the combustion and inhalation of any substance is harmful to the lungs. However, the coolness of vapor is significantly less harmful than the heat from smoking.

More Accessible

vape over smoking benefits

Another benefit of vaping is that it's far more accessible than smoking. Companies like Atomic Blaze have various vaping apparatuses available at various price-points. The reusable nature of a vape pen also makes this option more financially and environmentally sustainable than smoking.

Vaping is also easier to use and provides instant satisfaction. There's no need to worry about finding a lighter, running out of papers or trying to light a match in the wind. Of course, you need to remember to charge the device and bring it with you, but that's a normal part of life with the prevalence of smartphones these days.

Another thing that makes vaping so accessible is the variability in product offerings. Different flavors (or unflavored products) can make vaping a more enjoyable experience. There's also a very limited learning curve for newcomers to vaping— anyone can pick up a vape pen and press a button to get started.

Better Dosage Control

Finally, vaping allows more control over dosing than smoking. You can limit the tobacco dose to suit your preferences and needs when vaping. It's this feature that made eCigarettes and vape pens such a popular tool in the first place, as users can reduce the tobacco dose while replicating the feeling of smoking—some people who vape enjoy the flavors and the experience, and opt for no nicotine at all.

There are many compelling reasons to follow through if you've been considering the switch from smoking to vaping. Do some research, find a product you like, and make the change.