Any stoner knows the importance of a decently rolled joint. The condition of a joint can either enhance or diminish the smoking experience. For an even and slow burn that makes for an enjoyable experience, here are five helpful tips and tricks in rolling a good joint.

Grind, Grind, and Grind

Rolling a joint is not possible without grinding cannabis first. On that note, a fine grind can help you roll a proper joint better as shaping and packing become a lot easier. For this reason, you have to be mindful of the grind size. It would help if you keep grinding until you achieve a fine product, but be careful not to overdo it. Powdery cannabis does not make for a good joint nor smoking experience.

Use Smoking Accessories

People who are pretty new to the scene are often unaware of the importance of smoking accessories such as rolling papers and roach tips. Most beginners seem to think purchasing these items are unnecessary and that DIY solutions to rolling joints will work well enough.

Unfortunately, it's not a good decision to use materials like magazine pages and newspapers to roll a joint. Aside from the fact that these kinds of joints look unappealing, you have to keep in mind that these types of paper are often processed and dyed. Smoking and inhaling them is incredibly dangerous for your health.

Making use of authentic rolling papers and roach tips help in rolling a decent joint and elevating the smoking experience. If you're new, you ought to experience it at least once to understand how vital it is to use the right tools and accessories when smoking.

Tight is Good, Tighter is Better

The key to rolling a good joint is to make it as tight as possible. A tight joint allows proper airflow for an even burn. However, take note that you don't have to force and compress your joints to the point of tearing your rolling paper. An excellent tip to remember is to be patient in shaping and packing—then a tight joint will naturally follow.

Pack, Drop, Shake, then Seal

To clear things up, these aren't steps to a dance routine, nor is dancing required in rolling joints. But if you do feel so, then by all means!

Jokes aside, these make up the finishing touches of a joint. After rolling, shove a bit more of the ground bud into the joint. Sure, you can do this with your fingers, but using a tool is a lot better in pushing and compressing. Afterwards, let gravity do the trick of filling in gaps and spaces inside the joint by dropping and shaking it on a hard and flat surface. Lastly, seal it up, light it up, and smoke away.

The Bottom Line: Practice Makes Perfect

Rolling a joint is not easy. It takes dedicated practice to become a master in the art of rolling. With that said, there's no need to pressure yourself in creating a perfect joint from the very beginning. Even veteran smokers with years of experience don't yield perfectly rolled joints every single time. But if you keep practising using these tips, you'll surely get the hang of it sooner enough!

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