It wasn’t so long ago that the only known way of taking in Cannabidiol (CBD) was through smoking it and drinking it for tea. From CBD cartridges for vape pens to hemp oil for cooking and baking, the constant evolution of taking in CBD has created new ways to make it accessible to the local consumer. One of the latest iterations of taking in CBD is in gum form, a method that is becoming increasingly popular.

Enjoy CBD through chewing gum

Trying out CBD in different ways is one of its greatest strengths for avid users of the product. Innovation is always just around the corner, and CBD’s latest transformation is the reinvention of ordinary chewing gum for a specialized purpose.

In this article, we’ll give you three compelling reasons why you should try out CBD gum:

1. CBD gum is practical and easy-to-use

The popularity of Cannabidiol as both a pain-relieving agent for managing both physical and mental stress has made it a popular go-to product for people who are willing to try out alternative forms of medicine. Due to its organic compounds that handle both physical ailments and mental stresses such as anxiety, CBD has proven itself to be a natural alternative to synthetic forms of alleviating pain.

CBD gum is not that different from other CBD products, but chewing it in its new form gives it a strategic edge that smoking and cooking don’t have. Unlike a CBD oil vape pen, there are little to no restrictions when it comes to using it in public or office spaces. Since it’s in a gum format, it’s always portable and easy to bring around during long commutes, or even in the workplace.

Another compelling advantage that CBD gum has compared to its other forms is its cost-efficiency. Hemp oil can be ingested directly, but a popular method of using it is by adding it to beverages and food products. CBD gum doesn’t require the same level of prep time, such as cooking or mixing a drink.

2. CBD gum is entirely biodegradable

Most chewing gum is resilient to degradation, which makes it an environmental risk to most urban settings. Since their sticky composition makes them difficult to remove, it’s all the more complicated to gather and dispose of them properly.

CBD gum is completely biodegradable and makes for an environmentally-friendly product to consume. Though it does have a shorter shelf life compared to commercial gum, it’s a good sign that a product is made with natural ingredients with no preservatives added to extend its lifespan artificially.

3. CBD gum is all-organic

For those who are conscious about their sugar content, Endoca CBD gum, for example, makes use of Birch Tree extract to give it plenty of flavour without the need for any artificial ingredients.

The natural sugar extract allows for a sweet taste without the typical downsides of artificial sweeteners such as the risk of weight gain and indigestion.


Innovations to how CBD can be used has grown. From CBD being an exotic ingredient to cooking, CBD has now become a fully-fledged food product of its own. Not to mention, CBD’s accessibility to different types of users is one of its greatest strengths as a product. Giving the consumers multiple options to how it can be taken makes it easier to convince people of its effectiveness.

We provide a wide variety of CBD products in the market through a wide variety of forms, from CBD hemp oil to THC vape juice. Contact us today to find out about our offerings!

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