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SAI BABA NAG CHAMPA INCENSE & SATYA INCENSE is probably one of the best known and most widely used incense brands across the western world. It has a large well selected and a sometimes changing range of flavors, scents and...


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SAI BABA NAG CHAMPA INCENSE & SATYA INCENSE is probably one of the best known and most widely used incense brands across the western world. It has a large well selected and a sometimes changing range of flavors, scents and infusions which will have you transported to a far away land just with the Delicious scents it will create. The Brand Satya made by Srinivas Sugandhalaya the now world renowned manufacturer of "Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa" incense (often referred to as "Sai Baba incense", "Nag Champa" or the "incense in the blue box") which is a firm favorite of people everywhere. You will find all good incense stockists hold this product and a few more. Here at Quintessential Tips we are adding as much of the full range to our lifestyle store as possible to give you a real choice of the great incense sticks that have been made by Satya. This is possibly the best-selling incense sticks in the UK, if not the best-selling incense in the world. Nag Champa is a phrase that other incenses do include in their title, but the Sai Baba Nag Champa is often the one people are referring to when they say "Nag Champa". Don't get hung up on the nag champa though, with such a large range of incense sticks it is a great brand to explore, delve into the myriad of scents that are perfect for the home or garden and are especially good as an alternative air freshener compared to the chemical infused plug in products. If you live in the UK or Europe and have been looking for incense sticks that really are authentic then please try one of these fine rolled incenses, and we are sure you will not look back. Please read below for a list of the different Satya brand incenses we sell and the scents notes you will get. This product will be increasing in size as we add new scents. We are starting with the traditional Nag Champa and Super Hit but many new ones to follow shortly.  

Nag Champa is the bees knees of incense sticks, and we have been burning this in our shop in Cornwall for many years, it's a true pleasure to be in any environment where Nag Champa is being used. This blend is the first secret recipe formulated by the founding family and has stood the test of time as most loved floral incense across the globe. Mood/Inspiration:- The tranquility and adventure of a mist laden morning. Description/Key Notes- Harmonizing, Potent. You will not regret trying this incense stick - we promise. It has become one of the most sought after and well-known mainstream incense stick varieties of the UK with any seller of incense worth their salt stocking it. Each 15gram pack is enough to last you about a week with moderate usage of two joss sticks a day. Using incense is a great way to give a fine scent to your home and it is an uplifting and relaxing method of beating daily odors.

Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa -  Superhit is a new and very exciting variety of handmade Indian incense stick. As it says on the box they are of superior quality, and they burn extremely well without excessive amounts of smoke and leaves now after burn just the sweet scent lingering in your home or garden. The flavor profiles are of Vanilla, Citrus and Honey with a deep sandalwood base, perfect for lazy summer days or wild nights.  The scent produced is marginally sweeter than the original Sai Baba Nag Champa, this will appeal to people who love the brand but want to change up the incense they use to a lighter sweeter more oriental style Nag Champa. Slow burning and addictive to use, the Superhit are a great addition to any person or the space clearing bad energies and rejuvenating mind body and soul. Manufactured by Shrinivas Sugandhalaya in Bangalore using the same age-old techniques using masala bases with natural planr extracts and essential oils to produce a sweet slightly citrus fragrance that will delight your senses.

Satya Nag Champa Incense - Blessings is another great pack of incense in the huge and glorious range of incense by Satya. This new flavor is reminiscent of Indian temples with a great blend of Sandalwood flavors mixed with sweet floral notes. Perfect for use in the home or garden, this slow burning incense will also accompany yoga or meditation wonderfully with its novel fragrance, without any doubt this will indeed bestow blessing's upon you and your home. Manufactured by Shrinivas Sugandhalaya in Bangalore using the same age-old techniques using masala bases to produce a sweet yet earthy fragrance that will delight your senses and restore balance to you and you're surroundings through the delicate and invigorating fragrance. Another great variety in the Satya incense range.

Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Incense - Celestial is a great big blast of heavenly flavour that will give you a deep and satisfying aromatherapy experience in your own home or garden. The celestial incense sticks are the perfect accompaniment to meditation, prayer or any of the different forms of yoga. The indulgent yet humble scent creates an intimate yet friendly environment for any of the above activities, even just relaxing and reading a book will be heightened by this earthy incense stick so no need to be all spiritual to enjoy them. They are hand rolled on the Indian subcontinent with pure plant extracts and oils using the same time tested techniques that have made the Satya range of incense so popular.

Fortune incense sticks by Satya are a delightful and interesting mix of spicy citrus flavour. Seekers of good fortune will do well to burn these sticks on a daily an awesome new variety of incense stick available in single packs or in boxes of 12 packs for those who like to stock up on their regular purchases. It's a bold citrus style flavour that is tempered by the massala to make a really rejuvenating and quality scent that will make any home or garden the perfect place to be and relax. Manufactured by Shrinivas Sugandhalaya in Bangalore using the same age-old techniques using masala bases with natural oils and extracts to produce a sweet vibrant yet earthy fragrance that will delight your senses and your surroundings. With a slow burn time of 30 minutes plus you can keep the atmosphere going with little need to chain light further incense sticks.

White Sage -  The ever popular White incense sticks by Satya is made  using sage, a perennial shrub that is prevalent to coastal areas and the edges of deserts. It is an ancient and traditional sacred herb used for clearing negativity from within and without. It has a distinctly beautifully aroma that cleanses, purifies, and protects and is really one of the nicest scents in their magnificent catalogue of divine scented joss sticks. Burning this incense in the home creates a fresh and relaxing scent that draws you in with each inhalation- its subtle and not to overpowering. If you have not tried the White sage incense sticks by Satya then you need to - its one of our favourite ones, and we use it daily.  

Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Incense - Midnight is an all out passion making incense that heightens attraction and brings people closer together through its seductive smell and aroma. The midnight incense variety by Satya is the perfect marriage of natural plan extracts and oils all made using the same time tested techniques Satya are famous for. Made using a base of sandalwood and vanilla it forms part of their oriental range that are made with the same base flavours, but have very different top notes that come through once the incense is burning. The Midnight variety comes in single packs or in a box of 12 packs for a cheaper price. Manufactured by Shrinivas Sugandhalaya in Bangalore using the same age old techniques using masala bases to produce a sweet oriental  fragrance that will delight your senses.

Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa - Patchouli Forest incense sticks are a new and exciting range ready to tantalize your senses. Patchouli is an exquisite and very well know flavour that's been tempered by a woody after-note, often called the smell of hippies you could be forgiven for thinking your in an ashram surrounded by bohemian people in India. This incense stick burns nice and slowly with a 30 - 60 minute burn time and a really great smell that will cleanse and refresh any space in your home or garden. Manufactured by Shrinivas Sugandhalaya in Bangalore using the same age old techniques using masala bases with natural plant extracts and essential oils to produce a sweet and satisfying fragrance that will delight your senses. Available in both single packs and in boxes with 12 packs for your enjoyment.

Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Incense - Rain Forest are a great way to get the tantalizing smells of the monsoon in India into your home. Be at one with nature and yourself with these divine scented incense sticks. Great for use in the home or garden or even as part of your spiritual routine alongside yoga. Available in both single packs and cartons of 12 packs so no matter if you just want to test them out or are already firm favourites of the Rain Forest variety, we have your needs covered. Manufactured by Shrinivas Sugandhalaya in Bangalore using the same age old techniques using masala bases with natural extracts and oils to produce a sweet yet earthy fragrance that will delight your senses and have you transported all the way to monsoon in India without the rain in the flick of a lighter.

Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Incense - Romance is as the name suggests a fire starter in the hearts of all who smell this fine representation of natural incense handmade in India. Perfect for use in the home or garden, this versatile and lovely smelling incense is the love potion of incenses. Perfect for a gift for your loved ones or even as a treat to yourself the aromatherapy properties of this natural incense are incredible. Perfect for use in all aspects of daily life, from front rooms to the yoga studio in the spare room. Available in single packs or in boxes of 12 packs so you can always be sure to have plenty of your best loved slow burning incense sticks at hand. Manufactured by Shrinivas Sugandhalaya in Bangalore using the same age old techniques using masala bases with natural extracts and essential oils to produce a sweet yet earthy fragrance that will delight your senses and blow your mind

Satya Sai Baba NagChampa  - Sandalwood is possibly the quintessential incense flavour, known throught the world as possibly the best smelling incense variety. It's that well-used that sandalwood often is used as a base to other flavours and makes up the background of a fairly high amount of quality incense sticks. When you smell this sandalwood variety by Satya you could be forgiven for thinking you are on a beach in Goa with the cows, sights and smells all around you ( only the nice smells). We sell them in single packs or in a box of 12 packs for those of you that go through your incense supply double quick. Manufactured by Shrinivas Sugandhalaya in Bangalore using the same age old techniques using masala bases with natural extracts and essential oils to produce a sweet yet earthy fragrance that will delight your senses.

Meditation Satya Nag Champa Incense: Do you meditate, if so, then you will know the worth of setting the mood for your experience. The incense, meditation by the world famous Satya brand is your perfect companion for a journey amongst the stars. Its subtle yet inspiring scents waft gently around the room, creating a sense of inner peace and tranquility. If you are new to meditating and want a helping hand getting in the zone, then we think this will be perfect for you. Made in India the home of spiritual enlightenment.

Reiki Satya Nag Champa Incense: This incense will aid you in channeling your energy. The delicious scents it spreads throughout your home as it burns will bring focus and joy, helping you activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being. A great quality Joss stick well worth experimenting with, even if you are not a reiki master. 

Patchouli Satya Nag Champa Incense: Made with a fine blend of  plants and natural ingredients b>Patchouli/b> Incense has an intense, slightly sweet scent. It's often described as having a dark, musky-earthy aroma profile that you can drift off with and relive memories of old as you float away on its intoxicating and divine scents as the incense burns.

Palo Santo Satya Nag Champa Incense: This is a woody scent which is a love it or hate it scent for an incense but it's the healing or holy wood, and for good reason. Clear unwanted energies and cleanse your enrolment much like you would with sage. It has a long historical usage and is perfect for people looking to move into new homes which still have the energy of the old tenants in there. It's also a good stress reliever and burning this incense will have you relaxed and on good form.

Lavender Satya Nag Champa Incense: A Classic incense that most people will know and love. Its fresh, delicate floral scent makes any environment a better place to exist in and when in doubt  ago to incense scent for many consumers. Easy to get on with, this is a good choice for those wanting a delectable scent with no crazy surprises. Just a beautiful accompaniment to everyday life 

How to Use Satya Incense: using Satya Incense is an easy and hassle free experience. However, these products are not suitable for Children or Teenagers to use without the parent or guardians approval and quintessential Tips is not liable for anything resulting from using these products. To use the incense please take one stick from the pack and insert it into an incense stick holder and place somewhere with no flammable materials nearby. Light the stick for 10 seconds then blow out the flame and the red ember will burn down and will release its scent while it does so. Remember this product is set on fire to use, respect fire safety at all times while using this incense. Do not leave incense burning unattended. 

  • Satya Incense - Premium Indian Incense
  • Hand Rolled Massala Based Incense
  • Best Prices Around For This Incense 
  • Official Authentic Satya Incense 
  • Nag Champa - World Best Incense Stick
  • Description / Key Notes - Harmonizing, Potent
  • Super Hit - A Hit of Pure Scent
  • Number of sticks: 15 grams is approximately 12 sticks
  • Stick length: Approximately 20 cms
  • Burn time per stick: About 45 minutes per stick
  • Country of origin: India
  • Handmade / Hand rolled Joss Sticks 
  • Classic Agarbatti
  • No chemicals used 
  • Made in India
  • Worlds Best Known Incense 
  • Export Quality
  • 15 grams Boxed Weight
  • Lift your mood
  • Original Quality Certified
  • Buy with Confidence 
  • 12 incense Stick Approximately 
  • Also Available in Box of 12 Packs
  • Incense Sticks length 20cm
  • Pack Dimensions height 4cm x width 22cm depth 2cm
  • Box of 12 Incense Packs height 13cm width 22cm x depth 8cm
  • Each 15g Satya Sai Baba incense pack contains around 12 - 15 incense sticks
  • Incense For Sale UK - Buy Here 
  • Price - £1.40 
  • Free UK Delivery over £10*

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