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The Ultimate Guide to CBD Edibles

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to CBD Edibles. Created to introduce you to Cannabis and Hemp Edibles in an informative and easy to digest format. With CBD gaining in popularity over the last few years we have seen more and more options for the discerning customer. From traditional style CBD Oils, CBD Pastes and Capsules to more niche items such as CBD Tea’s and CBD Edible products.

As one of many existing formats, CBD edibles is just another way to ingest your favourite cannabinoids but it is an extremely accessible method and we wish to explain in more detail how this genre of CBD products can be beneficial to you and your wellbeing. Quintessential Tips has been selling CBD products from the very beginning of when they became a viable product offering on the UK market in 2015.

We have carefully curated a selection of high grade Hemp and Cannabis style products for you to sample. Available in multiple formats with highly competitive pricing and Free UK Delivery on orders over £10. If you have been looking for a place to find out more cannabis based information and indulge in some CBD Science then this is the page for you. Our knowledge of these types of products comes from being in the UK Cannabis industry for over 30 years and having a hands on, in depth love affair with Hemp & Cannabis. We wish to share our expertise to anyone with an interest in the plant and who is looking to maintain their wellbeing and inner vitality through using natural products.


What are CBD Edibles?

CBD Edibles are one of the many forms available of cannabis based products for ingestion by humans.In increasing are now freely available on the consumer marketplaces around the world. Hemp Edibles fulfill a primary space in the market and is an offering that has been part of human history stretching back through history with the first recorded example coming from 10th century India and another one from our European cousins not long after from italy in 1474 which describes a recipe that translates as "cannabis nectar" CBD Edibles are products made with edible ingredients that include CBD extractions.

Nowadays the focus of CBD products has been primarily on CBD Oils but in fact edibles and drinks like hemp Tea have proven just as popular if not more so. CBD Edibles are made from one of three cannabinoid extraction methods and combined with various ingredients to create the edible. You can choose from edibles made using CBD isolate, Broad Spectrum Extract or Full Spectrum extract and in turn these 3 different extraction methods will impact the quality and results found in the products you choose. The three extractions should be obtained from an extraction originally done via supercritical CO2 which is the gold standard in Cannabinoid extraction.

CBD edible products made from CBD Isolate will have nothing more than the CBD Compound which has been stripped from the other cannabinoids and isolated, hence the name. It is the cheapest of the three extractions and the majority of the cheaper products are made from this but some high end products use CBD isolate as well in their production. You can also find CBD edibles made using Broad Spectrum CBD extractions and these products are made using an extraction which has all the naturally occurring compounds found within hemp and cannabis but none of the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is something not everyone wishes to consume.

Lastly the CBD Edibles made using the Full Spectrum Extract are the products which contain all the vital ingredients you would want when consuming an edible product made from the cannabis and hemp plant. This includes all the essential compounds like THC which is omitted in the other extractions.


What are the benefits of CBD Edibles?

CBD (Cannabidiol) has many reported benefits and through extensive verified data research conducted by ourselves through our time selling CBD products, we can see that the overwhelming majority of consumers when asked about their CBD product reported that it is of benefit to them and their wellbeing. Not everyone enjoys taking CBD oil however and it's becoming increasingly popular for people to use not only CBD oils but also additional cannabis items to supplement their daily intake of Cannabinoids. Most popular are CBD Edibles which are famed for their good taste in comparison to CBD oils and also the ease of use which includes transportation and discreteness. While CBD oils remain a slightly taboo subject, administering CBD edibles can be done with no hassle or conversation as they appear just like any other food items and can be eaten with ease in a public or work domain without raising questions from co workers or employers. The cbd experience edibles provide are also ideal for children who may not enjoy the sensation of oils under the tongue.

 Besides stealth and ease of ingestion The benefits of taking cbd edibles include Flavour, the taste is far better than an oil for sublingual usage so while you may see reduced Bioavailability. if chewed properly and not ingested to quickly users of CBD edibles can see a return of roughly 20% bioavailability which means tasty edible treats such as cookies, cbd chocolate and cbd edible Gummies sweets have a value for everyday use and are a great way to supplement your daily routine with Cannabidiol. Another Benefit of edibles is the range, so many foods can be infused with cannabinoids to create CBD versions, it means that you have one of the most diverse genres of cbd products around and for this reason it remains exciting and innovative for the consumer.

The best CBD gummies on the market

What are the best CBD gummies on the market? The CBD foodstuffs marketplace is full of great items and gummies are definitely one of the better performing products in this genre. The reason being is they are super easy to use and have one of the best tastes of any CBD product going thanks to the sugary, sweet ingredients.  With so many cbd edible sweets we have decided to showcase our offering which has some much loved items made by niche cbd edible producers.

 Firstly not all cbd edibles gummies are made the same, some use CBD isolate, others use Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum Extracts in their production. Some companies use natural ingredients and others use more mainstream processed ingredients like flavourings etc. Prices will often rise or fall depending on the quality of the ingredients, the CBD extract used and the amount of Gummies you will get. We have put together a table below which gives you the information on the best selling items in the CBD edibles range so you can compare them easily.


CBD Edible

Pack Size

Total CBD Content

CBD Per Edible


Total Price


Love Hemp Vegan Domes

30 Domes





Good Remedy Gummies

30 Sweets





CBD Bears






CBD Lollipop






CBD Candy



4mg +-



GRN Edibles Sweets

75 Gummies





Medelicous Sweets






CBD Chocolate






Our favourite CBD edible is the CBD Lollipop, it's easy to use and can be used anywhere from airplanes to shopping centers making it one of our go to edibles from all the cbd edible companies we stock but as you can see the Vegan Domes from Love Hemp are also loved by our customers and for good reason, they are a delicious option for the vegan cbd enthusiast out there looking to purchase the best cbd edibles in the gummy format.

 Serving sizes for cbd edible products vary depending on type of gummy sweet and if they are all uniform or if it's been done by total weight. For example the Cibiday CBD Candy comes by the weight and some bits of candy may be bigger than others, so depending on how much you have, you will ingest more CBD content. Compare this with the GRN CBD Gummies which have 75 sweets per pack and each sweet is a definitive 10mg. So understanding how the cbd edibles manufacturer has labeled the product helps you understand the serving sizes. It is recommended that consumers of cannabinoids keep a dosage diary so you can best regulate the intake and keep costs down. So knowing one cbd edible is 10mg is handy as you can reliably dose throughout the day. Most users report that they would consume about 5-10 sweets a day but if you can regulate your intake, you can elongate the product lifespan and save money.

The best CBD tea on the market

Great cbd edibles can be paired with cbd drinks, or more specifically CBD Tea,  The best cbd tea on the UK market is very clearly the Dr Greenloves CBD tea bags. But while this is our best selling drink and the nation's best loved tea, there are many different teas in various formats that are sure to be of interest.  This is part of what makes the edible and drinking genre of CBD products in the UK such an interesting option for the modern cbd consumer. What separates a good cbd tea from a bad one will be quality of ingredients and the selling price point. This is often governed by a few different things like cbd ingredients used and packaging costs. You can get loose tea or tea bags made with either pure leaf, pure flower / bud and other choice natural ingredients.

If you have been thinking of trying CBD for a while and don't know how to begin, cbd tea is probably the easiest and most benign way to begin your journey. Most British people love a good old cup of tea and cbd tea drinking is not that far off green tea with its delicate flavours making it an extremely accessible and a really great cost effective way to trial CBD for the first time. We have compiled the below table to show off the best selling products attributes, so you can hopefully choose your product of choice more easily.







Dr Greenloves


Tea Bag


20 Tea Bags

Best Seller

Biobloom Flower Tea


Tea Bag / Loose


20 Tea Bags

Pure Flower

Cibiday Anti-Stress


Loose Leaf




Endoca Bud Tea


Bud / Pure Flower



Himalyan A+++

Dutch Harvest Tea


Loose Leaf


40 Cups Per Pack


Amma Life Tea


Tea Bag


18 Tea Bags

Pyramid Bags

The brands of hemp tea which we sell from our wonderful location in Cornwall in the United Kingdom are hand picked to ensure no CBD isolate is used in their production. We sell natural teas only with a blend of different ingredients which are used traditionally for certain issues. The teas are a delight to drink and one of our personal favourites is the Biobloom pure flower tea, which tastes incredibly good and has effective properties of note which consumers love. Of course we could not forget to talk more in depth about the DR GreenLove CBD Tea bags. It is simply the best cbd tea you will try at the most appealing price point, and in bulk. What makes it so great though

Dr Greenloves hemp Tea, sold by Quintessential Tips has for many years been consistently one of the best selling items and you can see from its review count that its highly used and loved, you can read the cbd tea reviews right here and see for yourself why people love drinking it. We use it all the time and would say its probably the best entry cbd product out there. Serving sizes for CBD drinkers are usually measured by the cup which the consumer would drink at their leisure or as required. With CBD Tea or hemp tea, the strength will vary from season to season.

The best CBD chocolate on the market

Chocolate in the UK is well loved and just like the cbd tea, it's used by many people on a daily basis for enjoyment. Now with cbd chocolate you can get the same level of flavour and satisfaction but with the added benefit of it containing cannabidiol. People like this version of cbd edibles and so do kids who along with gummies will take this the easiest of most cbd formats. We have a few products that are tried and tested and are the best cbd chocolates you can find in the UK.

We have the cbd chocolate from dutch manufacturer of note, Dr Greenlove who makes the best selling cbd tea. You can purchase their cbd chocolate in two varieties, Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate. It is smooth and hides the taste of the full spectrum extract used in its production. You can't ask for a better example of artisan cbd chocolate and we know you will enjoy using it as part of your daily cbd regimen. Each bar contains 15mg of full spectrum cannabidiol. Another great option is the Love Hemp Vegan dark chocolate balls which are an inexpensive on the go treat which taste great, they come in smaller packages of 50g and contain 20mg of cbd per pack. Easily opened and finished by one person while out and about for a little pick me up. 

Edible Brand


CBD Content




Love Hemp Balls






Dr Greenlove






We will be adding in new varieties of cbd chocolate shortly to this range as we find niche producers to work with. While there are many more cannabis chocolates on the market, none we have tried have been particularly appealing. We will keep searching for the best cbd edible chocolate.

Our best CBD product review

We have many great products worthy of your consideration however there is one that is in our honest estimation the best however Our CBD oil review will not be on our own CBD oil, the Everyday Golden CBD Oil. and instead the best edible style cbd product we sell without doubt is the Dr Greenloves CBD hemp tea. It has amassed a cult following through the years and gained a reputation for being a cost effective and effective product for consumption. We have many CBD Tea Reviews from customers who don't get anything for leaving them, so hundreds of non incentivised real reviews from real people vouch for this hemp drinking tea making it the best cbd tea uk. See why people bought the cbd tea bags in the table below 

I’ve been using it for some years.

Ruth 3 months ago


because its the best CBD tea I have used it does the trick for pain

pamela 2 months ago


I enjoy a cup every evening. Its very relaxing

Peter 1 month ago



veronica 5 months ago


i love your teabags

Julie 4 months ago


I find them very refreshing and mild.

Terri 1 week ago


I want to see whether this tea helps my arthritis pain.

Shaukat 3 weeks ago


which recommended

Julia 1 month ago


To help with aches and pains and sleeping better

Tom 3 months ago


Recommended by Readers Digest.

Velda 5 months ago


Some of the reasons why we rate it ourselves so highly over at Quintessential HQ is the tea tastes amazing, its fresh thanks to each CBD teabag being individually wrapped and sealed, delicate and a delight to consume some compare it to green tea which is not to far from the truth and it's perfect for morning, all day and evening drinking. This tea is often bought in large quantities by our customers who never want to run out, as it has had such a positive effect on their lives, you can see why. Try it today and experience an authentic, high grade cbd tea unlike the rest.

Quintessential Tips

Quintessential Tips is a family run, independent cannabis and hemp product manufacturer and

retailer of goods through our online shop and a bricks and mortar store in Truro in Cornwall in the United Kingdom. Quintessential is one of the UK’s oldest head shops still running and it's also the originator of Hemp smoking Roach tips and the originator of the first consumable product worldwide to be made with hemp packaging, opening the door to real sustainable alternative packaging in multiple sectors. We are Hemp pioneers and have been sowing the seed long before it became cool or economically viable to do so, after all life is more than just money and ego.

We now make products out of hemp for some of the biggest cannabis corporations on the planet, hotels, restaurants and service industry businesses and private endeavors who are looking to stand out from the crowd. From Hemp packaging like cbd oil boxes or hemp business cards and flyers. As a company we are dedicated to providing great customer service, be that in our shop, face to face or by post when you order from our website. Our reviews speak for themselves, we also offer Free UK Delivery on orders over £10.

We have a large webstore which is full of curated collections of the best products. We use many of the products we sell ourselves and we are sure you will love using them also. From the best cbd edibles, oils and tea to cannabis seeds, and smoking accessories and incense. We are the one stop online UK headshop , Heartshop and lifestyle store that the modern eco conscious consumer can vibe with. Check out our reviews, we try hard and we try to treat customers how we ourselves would wish to be treated. As a small family business your support is most appreciated and we look forward to serving you.


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