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Mothers India Premium Incense Sticks & Cones - Full Selection

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Mothers India Premium Incense Sticks & Cones - Full Selection The Mothers India Fragrances incense sticks are all handmade to an exacting quality utilizing pure essential oils, floral perfumes and a wonderfully delicate blend of scented flowers, leaves and traditional wood...


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Mothers India Premium Incense Sticks & Cones - Full Selection The Mothers India Fragrances incense sticks are all handmade to an exacting quality utilizing pure essential oils, floral perfumes and a wonderfully delicate blend of scented flowers, leaves and traditional wood powders. All incense made by this company are hand rolled with the above ingredients mixed with tree resins onto a bamboo stick to create what has become one of the best fragrances and slowest burning incense sticks available to the UK & European market. The aroma that's created by burning the joss sticks comes from natural essences derived from fruit, spices and woods giving you, the incense burner a quality product that gives a great delicate flavor with a medium low smoke output and a really long burn time of an hour plus, the technique used to do this is known as the "masala" method -. This is artisan incense sticks at their finest, what ever flavored scent you choose to make it a mothers India fragrances incense stick, you won't look back. The Mothers India Fragrances are a Nag Champa based agarbattie incense stick that is much more suited to people who really know their stuff with regards to incense, this is a connoisseur incense stick worthy of the cost and will add depth and colour to any experience. Buy quality Incense in the UK direct from us at Quintessential Tips Cornwall's premier lifestyle store. The Mothers India Fragrances are different from its other varieties in that the fragrances are based solely on traditional Indian incense that believe it or not is very hard to find. Each incense stick is hand made with a base of Honey and Halmaddi ( Ailanthus Malabarica) resin to help soften the incense & release the fragrances in the full potential. Because of the ultra long burn time we don't recommend leaving burning incense unattended and only use stable burners designed for a heavier incense stick. This product is available in three different sizes: Small, Large and cones. Incense cones are a good alternative for people who do not want a large stick burning, please note these will require a heatproof dish to use them with and pleas edo not leave incense unattended as there is a fire risk if you do so.

The Mothers India Nagchampa Incense Sticks - Amrita is another musk based incense stick this time full to the brim of cinnamon and tempered by the honey and Halmaddi to create a seductive and highly indulgent scent. The cinnamon is not harsh though and is reminiscent of the cooking spice making the incense smell like you want to eat it although you can also smell the cedar and patchouli as it comes through in waves. This dry and musk based incense is a treat to use and works perfectly in the home or garden. Upon lighting up the joss stick you will be rewarded with a natural air freshener that works in harmony with your mind body and soul. These incense stick are available in large or small size packets. Please select choice before checkout.

The Mothers India Nagchampa Incense Sticks - Sattva is possibly the nicest blend of sandalwood's and other ingredients we have seen. Closely related to the Atma and Hansa joss sticks, this scent is woody and addictive due to the use of the Tuberrose, Vertivert  & Kewra which keeps the woodiness wild and rich without detracting from the sandal woods base scent even with mild floral notes that come through at the end. The more you use this incense , the more it reveals itself and it will very quickly become your all day joss stick, making you and your home smell positively delicious. For Sandalwood fans, this is the one to watch out for as its long burn times really let you go to another level of woody fragrance.These incense stick are available in large or small size packets. Please select choice before checkout.

The Mothers India Nagchampa Incense Sticks - Shanti Nag champa could only be described as original nag champa, its scent is reminiscent of the early original nag champas of yesteryear before they became altered for mainstream sales. This is a dry scent helped by the mattipal & Halmaddi to be a bit wilder than usual while still retaining its innocence. Honestly as soon as you smell these Shanti sticks you will take a trip down memory lane as the scent elicits a a real nostalgic effect. As the name implies everything is cool with the Mothers fragrances India range and this incense stick is pure Shanti, relax stick on a record and melt away into flavour town.These incense stick are available in large or small size packets. Please select choice before checkout.

The Mothers India Nagchampa Incense Sticks - OM is a Indian throwback incense that takes you back to wild days in under the Indian sun. Like many of the mothers Indian Fragrance range, this one has many ingredients so describing each one is tricky although the tops flavour profiles include Halmaddi & Sandalwood, two scents that work in harmony with each other  blended with fine vanilla and patchouli for an enticing and meditative joss stick. Perfect for meditation this variety has a relaxing and calming effect on you and your environment making it an easy going incense stick to get on with. Made with all natural plants, resins and oils for your smelling pleasure.These incense stick are available in large or small size packets. Please select choice before checkout.

The Mothers India Nagchampa Incense Sticks - Yoga is a brand new creation by the masters of incense scent creation at Mothers India Fragrances. Its a fine blend of sandalwood made using traditional methods handed down through the generations. Its blended with patchouli, Oakmoss & Vetiver but sandalwood is very much the front runner in this gorgeous incense stick. This joss stick is aptly named yoga because of the deep relaxing and spiritual scents it elicits helping you attain a more profound meditative state.These incense stick are available in large or small size packets. Please select choice before checkout.

The Mothers India Nagchampa Incense Sticks - Rishi is a sweet rose based incense that has been made using the finest traditional methods to create a strong yet sweet scent that elicits a wonderful aroma to cleanse the mind body and soul. The natural rose scent has been blended with fresh Jasmine and exciting violets for a uplifting and creative scent that invigorates and excites with is sublime scented floral aroma. Use as a daily incense stick as a great alternative to chemical heavy air fresheners. This playful scent is the best floral around.These incense stick are available in large or small size packets. Please select choice before checkout. 

The Mothers India Nag Champa Incense Sticks - Oudh is a epic incense that will have you whisked away to the balmy desert nights and is actually very addictive. its a thinking persons incense stick and we have found putting this one down can be quite a challenge, your house will smell so divine and whats even better is that its all natural. The aroma the Oudh incense by mothers fragrances India is authentic, deep and satisfying, wrapping its delicious scent around you and your home. dont forget to put empty incense packets in your sock draw.   

The Mothers India Incense Sticks New For 2018 - Lila is a an exciting and playful blend of scents destined to drive you wild with its positively delicious notes that come from a blend of Patchouli and Vetiver and mossy oak and spices. Invite good vibes, positivist and creation of dreams with this delectable new incense stick for the UK in 2018 called Lila. Dont settle for less, this authentic real hand rolled natural incense is the work of true master who know their trade, give yourself a treat and include this fresh incense in your home for a scent changing  experience. 

How to Use Incense: using Mothers India Incense is an easy and hassle free experience. However, these products are not suitable for Children or Teenagers to use without the parent or guardians approval and quintessential Tips is not liable for anything resulting from using these products. To use the incense please take one stick from the pack and insert it into an incense stick holder and place somewhere with no flammable materials nearby. Light the stick for 10 seconds then blow out the flame and the red ember will burn down and will release its scent while it does so. Remember this product is set on fire to use, respect fire safety at all times while using this incense. Do not leave incense burning unattended.

  • Mother India Nagchampa Fragrances 
  • Indian Made Incense Sticks & Cones
  • Hand-Rolled Joss Sticks & Cones
  • Fair Trade Eco Product
  • Natural ingredients Used
  • Traditionally Made Incense Sticks
  • Perfect as a Gift or Home Use
  • Great Packaging
  • Long Burning Time
  • Medium low Smoke
  • 20 Sticks Per Large Pack
  • 12 Sticks Per Small Pack
  • Help Positive Moods
  • Lift the Spirits
  • Chase Anxiety Away
  • Use in Home or Garden
  • Made in Puducherry,  Southern India
  • Large Packet Weight 45g
  • Large Product Size:26 cm x 4.5 cm
  • Small Product Size: 13g
  • Small Product Weight: 14 cm x 3 cm
  • Price - £1.50 Small
  • Price - £3.00 Cones
  • Price - £3.50 Large



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