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Natures Vapes® Full Spectrum 1000mg - 2000mg VG CBD E-Liquid - Multiple Flavours

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Natures Vapes® Organic Pure Full Spectrum VG CBD E-Liquid - Multiple Flavours / Strengths is a brand new and very exiting CBD Vape liquid for 2017 by UK Hemp & Cannabis based artisan vaporizer juice manufacturers Canavape who are the...


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Natures Vapes® Organic Pure Full Spectrum VG CBD E-Liquid - Multiple Flavours / Strengths is a brand new and very exiting CBD Vape liquid for 2017 by UK Hemp & Cannabis based artisan vaporizer juice manufacturers Canavape who are the manufacturers of the Complete range of CBD E-liquids which includes real cannabis terpenes and the addition of CBG as well which is a unique selling point.  We ll this new CBD e-juice is something that all CBD or Cannabidiol vape enthusiasts have been waiting for - a pure VG based vape juice that has no PG. This awesome new CBD based product is also able to be taken orally meaning you have a real two way CBD product - one you can vape with when the situation arises and one  you can take subliminally under the tongue for when vaping is just not a possibility meaning the Natures Vapes range by Canavape is a real travel friendly, accessible CBD product for the modern Cannabinoid consumer on the go. Natures Vapes® Organic VG full spectrum CBD liquid 60ML Contains 1000MG or 2000mg of active CBD derived from organically grown cannabis sativa L extract depending on what product strength you go for. This also means that the price of CBD oils on the market now have to compete with a vape product meaning it may be financially beneficial to go for one of the Natures Vapes CBD e-liquids as the 1000mg bottle equates to a 10% strength CBD oil but comes in a 60ml bottle so you effectively get 60ml's of 10% CBD for not much more than a 10ml from many regular companies and the same is true for the 2000mg strength natures vape bottle - you will get a 20% equivalent for the same price if not a tiny bit more than 10ml's of 20% CBD from other producers, so Canavape have hit the market place hard with the new and increasingly unique  pure VG vape / oral CBD oil. Natures Vapes® possess all the cannabinoids, terpenoids, essential oils and compounds from the original plant meaning you are not just buying a expensive CBD isolate product that has zero other Cannabinoids but rather are buying a multi use full spectrum oil made with only the best ingredients. British Vape users like to vape mostly with pure VG or a blend, read on for what the pure VG element brings to the table. We are sure you will love the dual use nature of these products and also the price and volume with the overall effect being a price per mg of full spectrum extract being very cost effective. This CBD e-liquid is legal in the UK and has no psychoactive effects - this is a dual use natural food supplement made with full spectrum organically grown hemp extract that has been completely Winterized and is suspended in organic pure VG base, this suspension is stable and suitable for using in any standard e-cigarette or e-liquid vape device to ingest the CBD & other Cannabinoids via vapour inhalation or under the tongue. Natures Vapes® CBD E Liquid also contains CBD, CBC, CBG - Cannabigerol & CBN. In addition to the cannabinoids present in Canavape® CBD products, there are also numerous types of phytochemical compounds, for example: amino acids, vitamins, omega 3 & 6 acids, flavanoids, ketones and terpenes. The most common terpenes in Canavape's CBD products are: beta-caryophyllene, caryophyllene oxide, myrcene, terpinolene, α-pinene, nerolidol, α-bisabolol and phytol. Try this new UK made 60ml e-liquid today in either strength. This is a product that is Kosher, Suitable for vegetarians and made cleanly from cO2 extracted Hemp Extract.with no GMO use


Canavape UK are one of the leading CBD vape product manufacturers in England and have a good reputation for the E-Liquids they make with real Cannabis Terpenes & the addition of CBG in their products. Even the standard CBD e-liquid ranges they produce have some awesome signature flavours including the Scante range that is a vape enthusiasts wet dream when it comes to all day vape juices. Part of N V Biotech, Canavape's mission is to harness industry leading techniques in creating the best products for the modern CBD consumer in the UK, Cornwall & beyond. You can buy this Nature Vape pure organic VG e-liquid from us on here or in our shop based in Truro Cornwall - We are Cornwall's First and biggest CBD retailer based on Kenwyn street next to the Old Jeans store. We have a long history involved with Hemp, long before CBD became a commodity and manufacture our own products using pure hemp - you can buy in confidence that we are not a new business but rather a long established trading company with a history of hemp use and happy customers - We feel the Canavape Natures Vapes products are a worthy and good addition to our already great CBD collection.


Benefits to using Pure VG When Vaping are varied, the majority of E-Liquid manufacturers will create their products with a blend of (VG) Vegetable Glycerin or (PG) Propylene Glycol in varying amounts to make their signature blend. Each of these base liquids used to make the end product have their own good points and bad but the advantages to using a pure VG base. For a start VG already contains a delicate sweet taste so for dessert or fruity e-liquids the use of VG will accentuate the already great taste and make it that little bit more flavoursome - Also for this reason unlike PG bases which often add artificial sweeteners to make the products vape worthy. Using the Natures Vapes CBD E-liquid by Canavape UK will give you great flavours in the three flavours they offer, Blueberry, Tropical Fruit Punch & Natural Hemp for the purists. One of the best reasons for vaping is the sensation you get on the inhale but this sensation can be different depending on the base you use either to make your own DIY e-liquids or when you buy them pre made. VG offers a really milky thick vapour that lingers well and is better for vape tricks. This thick vapour is fuller in flavour and provides a decent vape sensation perfect for the cloud & flavour chasers out there. This is why the Natures Vapes e-juice will be perfect for both the hardcore vape enthusiasts and the sublingual CBD oil taker respectively. Finally many people can have allergies to PG and for that reason coupled with the better flavour production that we think pure organic VG bases in E-liquids is the way forward. 



Flavour Guide


Fruit Punch is a great flavour in e-liquids especially if you are a fan already of the combination of fresh delectable fruit with sweet tropical notes and a whiff of holiday nostalgia. If you are unsure which of the three to go for then we recommend trying this one but only if you like fruity mixes. its neither overpowering or sickly sweet making it a good refreshing all day vape liquid.


Blueberry is one of the most widely known and used flavours in both e-liquids and foods and in this Natures vapes representation it is a a smooth easy vaping and tasting product with tastes of fresh sweet blueberries with a slightly tart finish. if you don't like fruit punch or plain hemp flavour why not try this great tasting blueberry e-juice or CBD oil


Natural Hemp is one for the purists out there who are not into flavoured CBD oils or e-liquids or for those that really like the naturals hemp taste which we feel is the best flavour as its just as nature intended, pure hemp goodness with a base of pure VG. This will be a great product to start you off and will give an authentic and real taste to your CBD oil / Vape liquid.You can expect hempy woody / green notes



Do not take if you are pregnant or lactating. Always consult a medical doctor before modifying your diet or using any new product and do plenty of your own research before ingesting CBD oil to ensure its right for you. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and we make no claim as to its effects although feedback from customers rate CBD as having a very positive reception by users of all ages and even Pets. This is a non medical CBD product. Suggested use- As a food supplement consume between 50-100mg per day. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle. This product has not been evaluated by the MHRA is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. Keep out of reach of children. Do not take if pregnant or lactating


  • Natures Vapes® Full Spectrum Dual Use CBD Oil
  • 1000mg - 2000mg VG CBD E-Liquid Strength Available 
  • Amazing Value - 60ml Bottles High In Strength 
  • Can Also Be Used Orally With High Bio-availability 
  • Also Contains Other Cannabinoids 
  • Fully Winterised Concentrated CBD Oil
  • UK & USA Made Flavour Concentrates
  • 100% Organic VG Suspension - Quality Vaping 
  • Full Spectrum Hemp cO2 Extract - Organically Grown
  • Made With Golden Winterised Oils Containing CBD
  • Works In Any Self Fill E-Cigarette Or Personal Vaporizer For Liquids
  • Multiple Flavours / Strengths For Variable Vape Experience 
  • Kosher Vape - Oral CBD Liquid
  • Non GMO - Free From Genetically Modified Organisms 
  • Suitable For Vegetarians - No animals Harmed 
  • Terpene infused CBD Product - Synergy 
  • Made skillfully By Artisan E-Liquid Mixologists - Canavape UK
  • Buy Here Or In Our Shop In Truro Cornwall
  • Easy To Use With Any Vape Device
  • Bottle Size - 60ml - Great value
  • No Nicotine & THC Free
  • Price 60ml Bottle 1000mg (10%) CBD - £ 85
  • Price 60ml Bottle 2000mg (20%) CBD - £140




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