Today, there seems to be more and more news about how cannabidiol or CBD creates balance in the body. These articles highlight how it interacts with cell receptors and supports health. For the body to reap CBD's supposed benefits, though, it needs to absorb the compound properly. As such, you should know the most efficient way to absorb cannabidiol into the bloodstream.

People typically consume CBD oil orally, and there are various cannabidiol-infused foods and drinks on the market today. People even add this oil to their morning coffee or recipes, especially if they prefer a particular dose. 

Oral ingestion of CBD involves the digestive system. From the stomach, the oil goes to the liver, where enzymes metabolize or break it down. Then, the broken down compounds pass into the bloodstream. At this point, some of its effects are likely to have worn off. This phenomenon is known as the first-pass effect or presystemic metabolism, and it happens to all drugs administered orally.

A better way of ingesting cannabidiol?

You probably would want to get the most out of every dose of CBD oil. Knowing this about orally-ingested cannabidiol, it's understandable that you'd like to find options that let you absorb more of the vital compounds. If this is the case, sublingual consumption is probably for you. If you consume the oil sublingually or below the tongue, you need to hold it in place for 60 to 90 seconds before swallowing.

Doing this lets the mouth's mucus membranes absorb the compounds, and it allows the CBD to bypass the digestive system and liver. In this way, it avoids breaking the enzymes down, and the CBD enters the bloodstream quickly.

There is research suggesting sublingual consumption is more effective. In a study on rabbits and the bioavailability or absorption rate of CBD, sublingually-delivered CBD oil was easier to absorb than the orally-delivered kind.

Examining other methods of consuming CBD

Aside from oral and sublingual, you can inhale CBD or apply it on skin. Inhaling through a vaping instrument allows the lungs' alveoli to absorb the cannabidiol, which transfers it directly to the bloodstream. Arguably, it is comparable to sublingual delivery in efficiency, but it has drawbacks.

For one, many people do not like inhaling foreign substances. Coughing fits are also detrimental to someone with a lung condition, and it's possible to inhale too much when you vape. Vaping at a too-hot temperature also carries the risk of making lung problems worse.

There is also the topical application of CBD. In this method, the substance does not reach the bloodstream. Instead, it gets absorbed by the surface of the skin and interacts with cannabinoid receptors there. Skin functions as a barrier between the body and the outside world, but a heavy application of CBD lotions or salves can positively impact the affected area.


Every day, we are learning more about CBD and its effects on the human body. There are different ways of ingesting this substance, and people have their preferred methods of consumption. When you're considering taking CBD for the first time, ask a qualified health professional to find the right kind of CBD products for you.

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