Cornwall is famous for its great outdoors, and many of us locals are very lucky to live here surrounded by beautiful coastline and scenery. What makes it even more enjoyable is the fact its so easy to keep a pet in Cornwall. Lots of outdoor spots make it an ideal place to own dogs and cats amongst other pets and you the owner can get maximum satisfaction watching them frolic and play without being worried about there well-being as they are happy in the element of there surroundings. This is what Cornwall is all about, living with nature and enjoying our beautiful countryside with a trusty companion. 

Unfortunately as dogs and pets increase with age so to do the problems that arise, its very sad to see your best four legged friend succumb to the rigours of old age but its inevitable and its down to you the pet owner to look after them, and looking after them can mean expensive trips to the vet or home use medication but there is a way to give you're pet the boost it needs as it begins to slow down and restore some much needed pep into its life, no we are not talking about more pharmaceutical drugs, we are talking about a natural food supplement that has seen amazing results when used with both humans and pets, CBD or Cannabidiol extracted from Hemp plants.


I know crazy right, but wait till you see the results. We have had many people come into our shop telling us the difference its made to their dog and we ourselves have tried it on our elderly cat with incredible results that include reducing the panicky nervousness he had and also its stopped excess scratching and on top of that he looks brilliant with vibrant coat that feels great and silky smooth. But please dont take our word for it, do plenty of research and see if using CBD oil derived from organic hemp is the right choice for you and your pet. It may not be but considering how much information is now available it pays to be well informed and if its possible to give your pet something natural that may help them and you get the most out of the time you have left with them.

Dont accept the fact that just because your pet is getting old they cant enjoy walks and fun any-more, use a few drops of the oil in the food twice daily and see a positive change hopefully in your best friend. After all we love them so much why not try and make there life as pain free and easy as possible. Joint pain & eating disorders are some of the things that CBD can help with both with but there has also been a lot of talk about CBD with regards to cancers (please read here for more info). Again do lots of reading and check out other pet owners reviews and experiences with using CBD oil with pets.

If you live in Cornwall and have decided you need CBD oil for yourself or your pet please pop into quintessential based in Truro Cornwall who have a huge range of the the best quality CBD products, all made using certified and traceable organic hemp made to very high standards for the UK and European market, no Chinese and no synthetic hemp stocks used. The staff are more than happy to talk to you regarding the use of CBD products but we must be clear that despite CBD having amazing properties we dont sell it as a cure all, instead we sell it as a natural food supplement that has many positive effects for both humans and animals. So if your dog or pet is not well or increasing in age then trying high quality CBD oil before going on to hardcore pharmaceuticals is the natural way to go. Please speak to your vet and again do plenty of research before starting a new course of supplements.



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